How do Mastery Camos work in Modern Warfare 3?
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Mastery Camos are a huge part of the multiplayer experience in Call of Duty, and that’s not changing in Modern Warfare 3. While we don’t know exactly what the Mastery Camos are in the new title, we have a good idea of how they’re going to work.

Essentially, if you played this past year’s Modern Warfare 2, then you already know how the Mastery Camo system will work. However, there are some new kinks in the system due to the MW2 weapons being transferred over to MW3. We also have a new mode, Zombies, that will come with its own set of camos for players to earn.

Below, you can see a complete rundown of how the camo system works and how to earn Mastery Camos in MW3.

Mastery Camos in Modern Warfare 3

For starters, there are some important things to remember when it comes to the camo system in MW3. First up, the MW2 weapons are going to be available in MW3 multiplayer, as are all of the camos you unlocked for those weapons in the past year.

However, the camos you earned for MW2 camos will only be usable on weapons from that game. MW3 weapons will not be able to equip Orion, Ghoulie, or any other camo from MW2. The same goes for MW3 weapons, as you can’t equip camos from the new game on MW2 weapons. Basically, you just need to remember the two games’ weapons are separate when it comes to camos.

Although, this only applies to multiplayer. For Zombies, you will be able to unlock new camos, including Mastery Camos, for both the MW2 and MW3 weapons. This means you can technically unlock eight Mastery Camos for Zombies if you count both MW2 and MW3, as there are four Mastery Camos for each game’s weapons.

In multiplayer, the only Mastery Camos you can earn are for the MW3 weapons. Just like in MW2, there are Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion camos. However, the overall look of these camos has been completely changed, so you can easily distinguish them from their MW2 counterparts.

For your MW2 weapons, you can continue to progress toward any of the Mastery camos from that game in MW3. However, these Mastery Camos will be the same as they were in MW2, so don’t expect any major changes to them if you happen to unlock them in the new title.

How to unlock Mastery Camos in MW3

Image via Activision

The process of unlocking Mastery Camos in MW3 is extremely similar to how it is in MW2.

You must complete a set of four challenges for each weapon that become unlocked as you level up the weapon. Then, if you complete those four challenges, you have to complete four additional challenges to unlock the Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion camos.

Of course, you can’t unlock Platinum, Polyatomic, or Orion immediately. To start unlocking those camos, you need to attain Gold on every weapon in a class. Then, Platinum can be unlocked once you get Gold on every weapon in a specific class while Polyatomic can be unlocked once you get Platinum on every weapon. Finally, Orion can only be unlocked once Polyatomic is earned on every weapon.

The base challenges associated with every weapon are different from each other while the challenges for all four Mastery Camos are the same no matter the weapon you’re using. It’s a system that makes much more sense when you look at it in-game.

You can view your camos by going to the Loadouts menu, clicking on a loadout, and then viewing the camo system from the Gunsmith.

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