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Forspoken is officially releasing next week on Jan. 24. It’s an open world role-playing game developed by Square Enix that has an interesting plot, impressive gameplay mechanics, and stunning graphics. If you’re a PlayStation 5 player, then you might have already seen some of Forspoken in action, as PS5 has had an open demo for the game over the past month. In that time, PS5 players have been able to experience some of Forspoken and part of what it has to offer. Based on the general feedback the developers have received, it seems that many demo players will be buying the full version of Forspoken. If you’re in that crowd, then you might be curious to know just how big the file size for Forspoken will be on PS5.

One trend that has stuck around with current AAA titles is that their file sizes are getting bigger and bigger. As games are taking advantage of modern hardware more frequently, developers need extra hard drive space. This certainly applies to Forspoken, as the pre-download file size for PS5 is quite large.

Forspoken PS5 file size

Provided by Square Enix

According to the developers, the PS5 pre-download file size for Forspoken is 87.3 GB. Pre-downloading begins on PS5 on Jan. 22 for fans who have pre-purchased any edition of the game. 87.3 GB is certainly not a file size to overlook. Players who don’t have an external or upgraded HDD/SSD might need to delete a game or two from their system to make room for Forspoken.

The PS5 file size is quite large for a single-player experience. Recent games such as Elden Ring only took up about 45 GB of storage space. However, PlayStation 5 exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok were right around what Forspoken is calling for.

Now that you know how much space you need for Forspoken, it might be time to check that you have enough GBs available before Jan. 24 arrives.

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