Houston Outlaws sold to real estate investor for $40 million
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Immortals Gaming Club acquired OpTic Gaming and Houston Outlaws when they purchased the parent company in Infinite Esports & Entertainment in June of 2019. With that purchase, Immortals has four brands in OpTic, MIBR, L.A Valiant, and Immortals. Lee Zieben has made a deal with Immortals to purchase their Houston Outlaws for a total of $40 million. This hasn’t been finalized but is expected to occur in late August pending the approval of the Overwatch League. The reason behind this sale is due to Immortals having two OWL teams. OWL required Immortals to sell the Outlaws quickly due to no one being allowed to own equity in two teams.

Lee Zieben

Lee Zieben is a Houston real estate investor and founder of the Zieben Group (ZG). He has been an award-winning developer for projects with a value of over $500 million for two decades. His interest in OWL and esports as a whole is a great sign and reassurance of its longevity and profitability. He is another big name that has shown his interest and forked up quite a sum of money to get a spot in esports, and I am sure he won’t be the last. Hopefully the Houston Outlaws are in good hands.

Infinite and OpTic

Infinite Esports & Entertainment was created in 2017 and became a holding company that included OpTic Gaming, Houston Outlaws, and other teams that operated out of a new Dallas headquarters and gained majority ownership rights over original owner Hector Rodriguez. OpTic H3CZ has been the most vocal and publicly present out of the other owners and has voiced his discontent with Infinite Esports and the way they operate. A large part of the community supports Hector and wishes to see him regain ownership of the organization, but with the sale to Immortals, that dream was crushed. That doesn’t stop the #Hector’sOpTic hashtag from trending across Twitter though.