Hi-Rez teasing a new champion for Paladins coming soon
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Paladins is gearing up to bring another champion to the arena. The official Paladins Twitter account posted a cryptic teaser earlier today, hinting at the new champion’s otherworldly origins. While the teaser gives basically no concrete information, the Paladins community is running wild with speculation. The image in the teaser indicates the new champion may have a lore connection with champions Drogoz, Seris, and Dredge. The Paladins community has already put together some interesting theories on Reddit.

There have been multiple datamining leaks indicating the Evil Mojo are working on at least a couple of new Paladins champions. We have our eye for Raum – working title – who has had a lot of information leaked already. Tread lightly, as there are a lot of potential spoilers in the leak. The champion that eventually releases could be completely different, too. The only thing we can say with almost complete certainty is that the new Paladins champion won’t be a support. The odds of another healer coming out so soon after Io are basically zero.

We anticipate the mysterious new Paladins champion will drop sometime before Halloween. The tournament season starts almost immediately after, with Paladins Console Wars 2019 on Nov 3. It’s unlikely Hi-Rez would drop a new champion halfway through championships. It is just as unlikely they will wait until the end of the season on Nov 19, considering that they have already started with the teasers.

Buried Treasure Double XP weekend

In other news, Paladins is currently holding a mini-event called Buried Treasure. Over the weekend of Oct 4 through 6, players will earn double the Battle Pass XP for their games. The first win you score each day will secure some additional rewards as well. Those come in the form of event-limited cosmetics and bonus currency.

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