Hi-Rez details big balance changes, new content coming to Paladins
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Paladins is set to undergo some massive changes in 2020. Hi-Rez designer Kevin Meier has revealed plans to change a lot of the game’s current meta and balance. The changes will begin with the game’s first patch in 2020, set to drop in early January. It will be Paladins‘ “largest patch ever,” according to Meier.

For starters, virtually all champions will receive changes to their kits. Underused talents and cards will be buffed, and many of Paladins‘ champions will get new cards. Economy mechanics will also change. These changes will aim to give players more options and move priority away from default-buys like Cauterize. Meier stated that maxing out the item slots before the end of a match should be more common. Whether that means cheaper items or something else entirely remains to be revealed.

The combination of card, talent, and item changes should affect frontline champions most of all. The Wrecker item will change, as will many champions’ shield abilities. Meier noted for some of them this would include scaling down some of the shields’ baseline power.

Paladins Ash Ska'drin skin community
A Ska’drin skin design for frontline champion Ash.

Community battle pass

Paladins will have six battle passes in 2020, with the first one arriving in January. That will be the game’s first community battle pass, featuring new skins designed by community artists and voted on by the players and fans. The skins are for champions Evie, Ash, Lian, Grover, and Talus. Evie players should be particularly happy, as the Winter Witch hasn’t had a new skin in a while.

All these big Paladins changes begin in early January, when the first balance patch of 2020 deploys. Alongside it arrives the newest damage champion, Tiberius, as well. Tiberius is the first of four new champions that will release next year.

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