Heroic defeats Sprout to win DreamHack Open Atlanta - Upcomer
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Heroic have successfully overcome Sprout in the final of DreamHack Open Atlanta in a mostly one-sided final. Casper “cadiaN” Møller was the star of the final, as it was largely his outstanding showing that handed Heroic the trophy so easily.

Heroic pick up the trophy in Atlanta

Heroic kicked things off at DreamHack in Atlanta swiftly, advancing straight through to the playoffs following two quick wins over Triumph (16-6) and Illuminar (16-13). In the semi-final bracket, the Danish side faced Virtus.pro. The match, although closer than they would have liked, proved to be an easy-enough encounter as Heroic won on Nuke 16-13 before closing out Vertigo 16-12. The performances of Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer and Patrick “es3tag” Hansen earned their semi-finals victory, each getting 45 frags across the two maps.

Without losing a single map or match, Heroic were looking sturdy going into the finals. Unexpectedly enough, the final turned out to be completely a one-man show as cadiaN seemed to be playing a round of deathmatch instead of a proper LAN final. Both maps came to an end quickly as Heroic picked up the first map, Train, with a 16-9 score, before lighting things up on Inferno 16-10 to be crowned champions of this year’s DreamHack Open Atlanta over Sprout.

Notably, cadiaN was at the forefront of his team’s defense as well as attack on both maps. The Dane accumulated an unlikely 50-16 K-D and a 1.73 rating, 2.0 in the final. Statistics such as those are extremely rare. Heroic must have been delighted to close out the final with a 2-0 score and get things over with rapidly. Sprout, on the other hand, were left in awe of cadiaN’s performance as they failed to counter the Dane on his rampage on both maps.

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