Heroes of the Storm unleashes Caldeum Complex event, more updates
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Heroes of the Storm has just released a new event — Caldeum Complex. It features an unlikely alliance between the Azure Dragons and Onyx Turtles gangs, who are fighting against the systemic oppression of the Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation. The Caldeum Complex event is scheduled to last until April 30.

The Caldeum Complex quest chain

The Caldeum Complex event involves an eight-part quest chain. The first quest requires Heroes of the Storm players to get in contact with the Azure Dragons by capturing eight Mercenary camps in winning games. Once this quest is complete, players will receive the Azure Dragons Spray and a boost that lasts for three days.

The next quest requires players to win two games as either a Melee or Ranged Assassin, and the rewards include the Azure Dragon Chromie Portrait and a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest. These Loot Chests guarantee players at least one item from the event or from a previous Lunar New Year Spring event.

Once the Azure Dragon quests are finished, players can earn the Onyx Turtles Spray and 250 Gold by contributing 25,000 XP in winning games. Winning two games as either a Healer or Support hero in the following quest rewards players with the Onyx Turtle Kharazim Portrait and the Cyberpunk Phrases Pack.

Up next on the quest chain, Heroes of the Storm players get to join the Tigers’ Hunt by killing 150 minions in winning games and receiving the Ivory Tigers Spray and 250 Gold. After proving their worth to Johanna of the Ivory Tigers by winning two games as either a Tank or a Bruiser hero, players will receive the  Ivory Tiger Johanna Portrait and a Caldeum Complex Loot Chest.

The final two quests require players to get 50 takedowns and destroy 10 Forts or Keeps in winning games. Completing these quests will reward players with the Jigoku Cybernetics Spray and Jigoku Cybernetics Butcher Portrait, as well as the Jigoku Cyber Oni Warboar and 500 Gold respectively.

Heroes of the Storm Caldeum Complex
A new Jigoku Speed Demon Lucio skin and the first part of the Caldeum Complex quest chain

Don’t forget those role changes

Along with this new event, the heroes themselves have gotten a revamp in terms of roles. The new roles are Tank, Bruiser, Melee Assassin, Ranged Assassin, Support, and Healer

While Tanks are good with absorbing attacks, bruisers are resilient fighters who can also deal damage. Melee Assassins can deal a lot of damage up close, while Ranged Assassins are squishy but can deal damage from a distance. Support heroes give teammates boosts and other benefits, and Healers focus on mitigating damage and direct healing.

Heroes of the Storm Caldeum Complex
Abathur is no longer a Specialist hero, but rather a Support hero under his new role classification.

Storm League

Another big update is that Heroes of the Storm players who enjoy playing Ranked will now have Hero League and Team League merged into a single queue — Storm League. To participate in this league, players must have at least 16 heroes available to play and have an account level that is 50 or above. Storm League MMR is seeded from the player’s last highest MMR from either Hero League or Team League.

Heroes of the Storm has made some big changes this update, and players are encouraged to join in on the fun in the Nexus.

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