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In a recent blog post, Heroes Lounge has announced that their Division S signups will open on January 10th, 2019.

For those out of the loop, Heroes Lounge has been hosting amateur Heroes of the Storm competitions for years. They are now opening Division S, a special league meant to replace the hole left by Blizzard unceremoniously canceling the Heroes Global Championship (or HGC).

During the month of February, each weekend will have a tournament for both NA and EU teams. Each weekend, the champion team will automatically be qualified for Division S. The rest of the teams will be accruing points based on their standings throughout the month with the top 4 teams (not including the ones that qualify automatically by winning a weekend tourney) becoming a Division S team. This will allow each region to have 8 teams, just liked the HGC had.

Once the teams are decided in February, we will start a 14 week period of Round Robin competition where every team will compete against every other team in their region. At the end of this 14-week time span, the top 6 teams will compete in a double elimination tournament to see who comes out the victor. The 2 bottom teams will be thrown into the Crucible, where they must defend their Division S rank against the top Open Division teams.

All of these teams will be competing against one another for a community funded prize pool in games cast by ex-HGC caster Khaldor among other casters. Currently, that prize pool is sitting a little shy of $14,000. Heroes Lounge wants to be very clear that every cent of this prize money is going to the players in this tournament. If you would like to donate, you can do so on their tournament page on Matcherino.

The community has shown a lot of support for Division S, and it will be very interesting to see just how competitive and successful this new Heroes of the Storm venture can be.

You can follow the latest on Division S from the HeroesLoungeGG Twitter and follow the matches and other Heroes of the Storm games on the Heroes Lounge Twitch.