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Palworld’s open world has both upsides and downsides. While it’s incredibly fun to just roam around and find things, you may end up somewhere you don’t belong yet. That’s why one player has put together the ultimate guide showing you the recommended level you should be in each area.

If you’re like me, you like to travel anywhere and everywhere, whether you’re prepared or not. The moment I stepped foot out of Palworld’s spawn area, I made a beeline as far as I could go and immediately found myself getting attacked by Pals who were way above my level.

If you want to be smart, and not get yourself in trouble as I did, Reddit user PalGardener put together a map showing the recommended levels for each area, with user DinosaurBBQ creating an improved version for readability.

It should come as no surprise that the further away from spawn you get, the higher the recommended level becomes.

For example, The Islands where you start your journey in the middle of the map, are the easiest in the game and don’t require anything too crazy, ranging from Level 1 on the outskirts and jumping up to a maximum of Level 30 as you move towards the north.

After that, things get a little more difficult. The Volcano in the southwest of the map is rated for Levels 30 to 40, proving that you’ll need to be a little stronger if you want to survive out there. The Mountains get tougher again, with the forest south of the peaks rated Level 30 to 40, moving up to Level 35 to 50 once you get through it and onto the rocky terrain.

Finally, The Desert is definitely the most unforgiving area, rated for Levels 40 to 50. Don’t forget the Wildlife Sanctuary islands around the edge of the map, which sit at Levels 40 to 45.

A map showing the recommended levels in Palworld. Image via Reddit (DinosaurBBQ)

With this new information, you can better prepare yourself for heading off on your explorations, and ensure that you are ready to face whatever challenges await you.

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