Helpful map shows Kings Canyon Deja Loot spawns in Apex Legends
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Last week, Apex Legends fans were treated to the new System Override event. Along with some stellar cosmetics, players were also able to hop on the new mode, Deja Loot. The catch with this mode is the loot on the map never changes, but the zones do. So, one day there will be a different zone, but the purple body shield you found the other day will be in the same spot. Last week, Deja Loot was played on World’s Edge. However, starting yesterday, the mode moved over to Kings Canyon, and one fan put together a map showing where the best loot is.

Where to find high-level loot in Kings Canyon

When Deja Loot was on World’s Edge, players were able to find out where the best loot was fairly quickly. If you played a lot, then you would probably know about the gold shield on the Skyhook train. The same is happening with Kings Canyon, though the high-tier loot isn’t too spread out.

The reason the World’s Edge loot was found so quickly was in large part thanks to fans on social media. Multiple Reddit and Twitter users put together maps showing where the best loot could be equipped. It didn’t take long for fans to do the same with Kings Canyon.

One Reddit user even created an interactive map that showcases attachments, weapons, armor, and other items. There’s also an option to see the ring and zones for that particular day. You can access the map on this website.

Deja Loot Kings Canyon Map(Work in progress) from apexlegends

As you can see, the picture above is a bit convoluted. Although, it never hurts to have additional knowledge when roaming around the Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends. The System Override event concludes next Monday, March 16, so make sure to get your playtime in while you can.

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