Hearthstone World Championship 2019: Unique deck spotlight
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The Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) 2019 World Championship will be hosted in Taipei, featuring the world’s 16 best Hearthstone players from the Americas, Asia-Pacific, China, and Europe. They will all be competing to win the 2019 Hearthstone World Champion title and their share of a $1 million USD prize pool. The event starts on April 24 at 7 p.m. PDT / April 25 4 a.m. CET / April 25 10 a.m. CST.

Today we will be taking a look at some of the most unique decks players have included in their lineup to compete. Starting out are two decks of David “Killinallday” Acosta, a player who has brought a lineup including Bomb Warrior and Chef Nomi Priest. Though he also has the two most common decks at the event, Zoo Warlock and a build of Aggro Rogue. Two decks we want to highlight today are the Bomb Warrior and Chef Nomi Priest since neither is seen in any other player’s lineup. We will also be looking at a Token Druid deck by Mark “Ike” Eichner.

Killinallday Bomb Warrior

Having followed Hearthstone for many years, I think seeing players come up with new deck ideas has always been most interesting. This deck is one of the most fun concepts we have seen in a long time. The one concern we have, however, is how polished the deck is with the expansion only having been released so recently. The deck can do some incredible stuff. While it can put up a good fight against many of the popular decks on the ladder, it comes with a greater risk than most alternative Warrior decks. The core win condition of the deck is to survive against the hyper-aggressive decks such as Rogue and defeat many of the midrange decks using the multiple ways of shuffling Bomb cards into the opponents’ deck.

For the decklist of Killinallday’s Warrior, copy this code and open the collection in the Hearthstone client: AAECAQcEze8CkvgCoIADm5QDDUuiAqIE/wed8AKb8wLR9QKD+wKe+wLx/AL1gAOXlAOalAMA

Killinallday Nomi Priest

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 HCT

Speaking of risk, this choice from Killinallday is probably the largest risk he could take. The deck revolves around cycling through your deck as fast as possible. Meanwhile, you keep the board clean combining Wild Pyromancer and Northshire Cleric to draw through your deck and use Chef Nomi to finish out the game, overwhelming the board in a single play. Chef Nomi is a 7 mana 6/6 legendary card with the effect “Battlecry: If your deck is empty, summon six 6/6 Greasefire Elementals.”

For the decklist of Killinallday’s Priest, copy this code and open the collection in the Hearthstone client: AAECAa0GBJcCigfSmQOYmwMN5QSkB/YHpQnSCvIM+wzQ/gKXhwPmiAPrigPqjAOwkQMA

Ike Token Druid

Hearthstone World Championship 2019 HCT

Ike has never disappointed when it comes to creating new decks and bringing cool stuff to events. This time around, it’s Token Druid. Ike is one of only two players to bring any Druid deck in their lineup. Ike’s build is centered more around turns one and two than SNJing, the other player to bring Token druid in his lineup. Another key difference between Ike’s list and SNJing’s lists are the choice of top-end in the deck. Where SNJing chooses to include a second copy of The Forest’s Aid and a copy of Starfall, Ike has opted for two copies of the card Tending Tauren, which can be used more flexibly on games where the board is heavily contested. The win condition of Token Druid is the same as it has always been. Build a board over and over until your opponent misses his board clear for a turn. Once you establish a board, you can use your tools such as Savage Roar or board-buffing effects to defeat your opponent. 

For the decklist of Ike’s Token Druid, copy this code and open the collection in the Hearthstone client: AAECAZICBMQGoIADyZwD05wDDUD9AvcD5gXX7wLh+wL6/gLkigO5lAPOlAPPlAPKnAO7nwMA

That is all for now. Make sure to tune into the Hearthstone World Championship and connect your Twitch account to your Battlenet for the chance at free Hearthstone Rise of the Shadows card packs. Follow the action on Twitch. For more Hearthstone esports goodness, check out who will be the first 30 players joining next year’s Grandmaster Circuit.