Hearthstone patch 23.4 dives into new Throne of the Tides Mini-Set, Battlegrounds updates and more
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Hearthstone patch 23.4 will feature the new Throne of the Tides Mini-Set, updates to Battleground, Mercenaries, Arena and more. The patch will go live on Wednesday, Blizzard announced on Tuesday.

Throne of the Tides Mini-Set in Hearthstone patch 23.4

The Throne of the Tides Mini-Set consists of 35 new cards that players can add to their deck lists. These cards can be obtained via Voyage to the Sunken City card packs or purchased as a complete set of 66 cards. The cost to get the normal version is $14.99 or 2,000 in-game gold. Meanwhile, the completely gold version costs $69.99.

Here is what’s in the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set:

  • 4 Legendary cards (x1)
  • 1 Epic card (x2)
  • 14 Rare cards (x2)
  • 16 Common cards (x2)
The Throne of the Tides Mini-Set arrives in Hearthstone patch 23.4
Throne of the Tides Mini-Set artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Ozumat makes waves in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Ozumat is the latest hero to dive into Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and he has the “Tentacular” passive. At the start of combat, Ozumat summons a 2/2 Tentacle with Taunt. This passive also upgrades after the player sells a minion. The formal release date for Ozumat is June 15, but players with Battlegrounds Perks get early access to him.

A new minion, Bubblette, enters the game mode as well. The 2/5 Tavern Tier 1 minion can be destroyed after taking exactly one damage. Additionally, Diablo returns to Hearthstone Battlegrounds for one week starting on June 1 alongside Sigil of Hell, Claws of Terror and Hellfire Hooves loot adjustments.

Ozumat and the Tentacular passive
Ozumat and the Tentacular passive. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Y’Shaarj enters Hearthstone Mercenaries

Meanwhile, a limited-time event featuring Y’Shaarj enters the Hearthstone Mercenaries game mode. From June 7-21, players can complete 10 special tasks to get the Y’Shaarj mercenary, a random golden Y’Shaarj portrait, the diamond Y’Shaarj portrait and a total of 750 Mercenaries Coins.

For fans of Tyrael, the Diablo character can be claimed for free in the shop until the launch of Hearthstone patch 24.0. In addition to Y’Shaarj and Tyrael being the latest mercenaries, the other new ones are Queen Azshara, Zar’Jira, the Sea Witch, Fathom-Lord Karathress, Lady Vashj, Tidemistress Athissa, Lord Slitherspear, Captain Hooktusk, Patches the Pirate, Reno Jackson, Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker, Maestra, Baine Bloodhoof, Maiev Shadowsong, Lorewalker Cho and Yrel.

Y’Shaarj artwork for Hearthstone patch 23.4
Y’Shaarj artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

As for the Darkshore zone, three more boundaries are available for it while the Sunken City zone gets 10 bounties. Other updates include N’Zoth being available via all the typical methods, the ability to borrow an opponent’s party for a friendly game and Mystery Treasure node rewards on Heroic Bounty maps that can be either cursed or grant bonus rewards.

Arena updates, overcapped decks feature and more

Wednesday also sees the start of a Arena season, which features an updated card pool:

  • Core
  • The Boomsday Project
  • Descent of Dragons
  • Forged in the Barrens
  • United in Stormwind
  • Fractured in Alterac Valley
  • Voyage to the Sunken City (Includes the new Throne of the Tides Mini-Set)

Horn of Wrathion, Frozen Mammoth and Naval Mine return to the draft pool while the new Mini-Set card, Inkveil Ambusher, cannot be drafted by players.

Meanwhile, the new overcapped decks feature allows players to add up to 50 cards while building a deck. They can then narrow it down to 30 cards.

Book of Heroes: Faelin artwork
Book of Heroes: Faelin artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Moreover, Book of Heroes: Faelin features three characters, and players who complete the 17 missions the first time receive the Ghost Ship card back. Finishing up the missions with a different character grants a Standard card pack, and completing the missions with the final character results in a Voyage to the Sunken City card pack.

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