Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia moves to Los Angeles due to coronavirus
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Hearthstone has announced the relocation of Masters Tour Indonesia to Los Angeles, stemming from health concerns over coronavirus. Blizzard’s announcement explains that the move from Indonesia was decided in order to protect the health and safety of players and everyone else involved with the esports tour. The new venue of this year’s Hearthstone Masters Tour is now NGE Studios. It is scheduled to take place between March 20 and 22.

Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles

Over 300 competitors from across the globe will be competing at this Hearthstone Masters Tour for a share of over $250,000. 

To compensate for changes in travel plans, Blizzard is also providing up to $250 USD for competitors. This way, competitors can rebook their means of travel. It should be noted that these Hearthstone players must submit a document as proof of their rebooking.

The Hearthstone Masters Tour, scheduled to run for the three aforementioned days, will feature five rounds of Swiss pairings on day one. On day two, players who have three or more wins from the previous day will get to compete in four more rounds of Swiss pairings. Day three will feature the top eight Hearthstone Masters Tour players and a single-elimination playoff. 

Hearthstone fans who want to watch all the action can visit the game’s official YouTube channel. The matches will be livestreamed on the platform on all three days.

For fans and players who cannot get enough of the latest Hearthstone expansion, they can head on over to either Blizzard’s online store or in-game to purchase card packs for Descent of Dragons. There is also the option to get one’s hands on Galakrond’s Awakening Adventure. This solo adventure features eight chapters where fans can play as the League of Explorers and League of E.V.I.L. Players can unlock up to 35 cards as they go through the different campaigns. Those who defeat the chapters in Heroic Mode get special card backs.

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