Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia has been announced!
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The next location of the Hearthstone Masters Tour of 2020 has been announced. Bali, Indonesia will be hosting the second event of 2020. The event will be held on March 20-22, only two months after the Masters Tour in Arlington.

Masters Tour Indonesia

The Masters Tour Indonesia will be held on the island of Bali, in the resort area of Nusa Dua. This event takes place at the Mulia Resort and Villas. The event will feature a $250,000 base prize pool, which the community will be able to increase in the future. At the past events, the community was able to contribute to the prize pool by purchasing a special card pack bundle. However, it is not yet confirmed this will be the way the community can contribute to future events.

With the March 20 starting date, it is expected that this event will be held after the first Hearthstone expansion of 2020 has been released. This shaking up the meta is advantageous to keep the community interested in watching the tournament, as there will be less time for the player base to solve the meta. A similar thing will happen at Masters Tour Arlington earlier in the year. Two weeks in advance, 35 unique new cards will be added to the Descent of Dragons expansion.

How to qualify for the event

There are many ways to qualify for the Masters Tour event this time around. Players can qualify through the regular Open Cup qualifications, by winning one of the many open cups, or through placing in the top 8 five times in a qualifying season. The players that achieved a 7-2 or better record at Masters Tour Bucharest or Masters Tour Arlington automatically qualify for the event. In addition, in Arlington, several on-site Masters Qualifier events will be held for players who have dropped out of the main event. The final way to qualify is through placing in top 16 Legend for either the December or January months.

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