Hearthstone Master Tour Arlington starts this weekend
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The first Hearthstone Master Tour takes place this weekend at the Esports Stadium Arlington, in Arlington, Texas. The event starts on Friday, Jan. 31, and ends on Sunday, Feb. 2. Over 360 players are qualified, and they will compete for their share of a minimum prize pool of $250,000.

This event will take place just days after Chapter 2 of the Galakrond’s Awakening expansion goes live. Because of this, a total of 19 new cards will be available to play with. As the new cards have only just released, the qualified players may change their decks up to the moment the event starts.

Master Tour Arlington’s format

The Master Tour in Arlington marks the return of the Best-of-Five Conquest with a ban format. This format, once retired for variations of the single-deck format, is a favorite of much of the Hearthstone community. Day 1, Jan. 31, will have a total of five swiss rounds. Day 2 of the event continues for all players who managed at least three series wins on day 1. Four more rounds will be played on day 2, which is when we will learn who qualifies for the top 8 of the event. The final day of the event will see the top 8 of the Master Tour Arlington play out, with the day ending with the crowning of a new Master Tour champion.

Besides the $250,000 prize pool, all players with at least seven wins will automatically qualify for the next two Hearthstone Master Tours. The locations for these are in Jönköping, Sweden and Masters Tour Indonesia, Bali.

Hearthstone Esports 2020 crowdfunding

Dragon Masters Bundle

The Hearthstone community has eagerly awaited the information surrounding the crowdfunding options for the Master Tours this year. After the massive success of the Esports Bundle in 2019, a new bundle has been created to support the event prize pools. Fans can contribute up to a total of $1,500,000 to the six Master Tour events this year.

With only three days until the Master Tour starts in Arlington, we did get confirmation that the community prizes will be paid out retroactively. This means that the community has until the end of the year to contribute the $1,500,000 to the prize pools.

The Dragon Master bundle will include 25 Year of the Dragon packs. Besides this, it also includes a random Descent of Dragons legendary card. The bundle is available at $19.99 USD until Feb. 11. What will happen to the bundle after this has not yet been confirmed. However, it is expected that the bundle will continue, just containing a different set of card packs.

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