The Curse of Hakkar | How to get the new Hearthstone card back
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The latest Hearthstone event is upon us: The Curse of Hakkar goes live with the patch on February 5. The event will feature a new colorful card back — and a unique way to obtain it. To kick-start the event, Blizzard has asked a group of players and content creators to help spread the “curse.” Once the patch hits, this group of players will start playing games with the new card back equipped. The end goal of the event is to “infect” all Hearthstone players with the new card back, which will complete the Curse of Hakkar.

For you to obtain the new card back is simple. Find someone who has equipped the Curse of Hakkar card back, and challenge them. This can be done in any of Hearthstone’s game modes, from Arena to casual constructed to friendly matches. This doesn’t matter. What does matter is that to complete the curse, a full game of Hearthstone has to be completed. This means leaving the game before it has ended, either through leaving the game or surrendering the game, will stop the transfer of the “curse.” In other words, you will not receive (or your opponent will not receive) the Curse of Hakkar event card back if this occurs.

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Disclosure: Daily Esports was supplied with the card back by Blizzard for use and distribution in this upcoming event.