Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons to receive its first nerf patch already
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Blizzard announced the details of an upcoming balance update on Dec. 19 for Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, Descent of Dragons. The balance update will include nerfs to four cards commonly played in the current dominating Shaman deck. In addition to this, the patch will also address several problematic cards in Hearthstone’s newest mode, Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

The fastest nerf patch in Hearthstone history

Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons released on Dec. 10. Just two days later, the official PlayHearthstone Twitter account announced the team was already working on the first balance patch of the expansion. As the meta has developed over the past week, players have remained adamant that the Shaman class is currently too strong. However, several Hearthstone Grandmasters have argued that better decks than Shaman exist in the current expansion.

It is important to note that as usual, the changed cards will be able to be disenchanted for the full dust value. However, this only lasts for two weeks after the patch hits the live servers tomorrow, Dec. 20.

Adjustments made to several aspects of Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Since the previous update to Hearthstone Battlegrounds on Dec. 5, the Murloc tribe has taken over. This update makes sure to significantly reduce the strength of Murlocs in several ways. The full changes can be found on the announcement blog, but the key changes are to the following cards: Coldlight Seer has been increased in rarity from Tavern 2 to Tavern 3. And the most vital card to the Murloc Tribe, Nightmare Amalgam, has been removed from the game for now.

The most important change of the patch for Hearthstone Battlegrounds is the removal of Nightmare Amalgam. Due to the minions’ extreme versatility, many of the current strategies have revolved around this unit. However, now that it is leaving, most of the available strategies will have to adapt to playing without it.

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