Hearthstone Battlegrounds update 16.4.1 fixes bugs, removes Tirion Fordring
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Just one week after the launch of the latest Hearthstone update, more changes are coming. The previous Hearthstone Battlegrounds update created several massive stability issues for Android devices. Blizzard aims to fix these with the upcoming update. They have set Thursday, Mar. 5, as the planned date for the update.

The next Hearthstone Battlegrounds update

One of the most overpowered heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Tirion Fordring, will be removed from the hero pool. Tirion Fordring, alongside Deathwing, currently proves to be too powerful compared to the other Battlegrounds heroes. Replacing Tirion Fordring is an old hero, Queen Wagtoggle, who was previously removed from the game due to its lack of identity.

The other heroes, such as Deathwing, remain unchanged until the next patch for Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The week of Mar. 16-20 is the expected date for that round of patch notes. No exact date is set yet for the actual update going live. However, in the past, updates tend to go live within days of the patch notes’ reveal.

The Android device issue

In the meantime, the Mar. 5 update for Hearthstone Battlegrounds plans to fix several issues introduced with the last update. The introduction of various new effects and cards created many stability issues for Android devices and PC users alike. Some of the problems affecting Android devices were related to a specific Hearthstone card back.

Allegedly, using the card back provided with purchasing the Khadgar hero portrait causes the issues. The problems include opponents repeatedly disconnecting when playing Hearthstone. Members of the community have speculated that the cause for this is that the required files of this card back are missing in the Mobile client. However, this theory remains unconfirmed at this time.

The summoning issue

Another issue this update will resolve centers around the heroes Malygos and Galakrond. Both of these heroes “replace” or upgrade a minion on the opponent’s side of the board. The minions being replaced, without using the roll function, caused the game to see these minions as being “summoned” on the board.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Update Crowd Favorite

Because the game recognized these minions as being summoned, it triggered specific effects. Unless a player plays the minion on their side of the board, however, these effects should not trigger. This summoning issue most often occurred with cards such as Holy Mackerel. However, it could also trigger effects such as Cobalt Guardian and Crowd Favorite.

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