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As Hearthstone Battlegrounds continues to gain popularity, one of the most requested things of popular players or streamers is how they rank the heroes in the current metagame. Today, we will be taking a look at which heroes you should use to begin learning Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Do note that the heroes listed below are based around their simplicity and power to new players. 

The best heroes to learn Hearthstone Battlegrounds

The best heroes to learn the game with are all simple and straight forward to play in their gameplan. On the tier list, we can see several heroes in the S-tier match up with those on the competitive hero rankings from players. One such tier list is from Rdu, which can be found on his YouTube channel. However, there are several heroes in far different places on the tier list. The key differences in the strength of these heroes for beginners are noticeable with examples such as Dancin’ Deryl. 

Dancin’ Deryl requires a far different playstyle than any of the other heroes in the Battlegrounds realm. As such, he is not recommended for new players to start out with right away. On the other hand, a hero such as Infinite Toki allows for an extremely straight forward play style while learning more about the game. Simply pressing the hero power once a turn will improve your chances when you are starting out in the lower ranks. Infinite Toki really improved a lot with the recent change to her hero power. However, she is only ranked B-tier on most competitive tier lists. This is because she is still weaker than some of the other heroes available. 

Heroes to avoid when possible

Besides the good heroes available in Battlegrounds, there are also several heroes you should look to avoid. Both when starting out and once you become better at the game, heroes such as George the Fallen and Pyramad should be avoided. Some heroes simply don’t do enough to earn yourself a good place in the game. From a learning perspective, heroes such as Patches the Pirate and Ragnaros the Firelord are also major traps for new players to fall into. While using the hero power seems great at first, it hurts you more than you realize in the long term. 

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