Hearthstone Battlegrounds reveals new 'Buddies' mechanic
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Hearthstone’s next big patch update, scheduled for Wednesday, January 26, isn’t just for the standard game modes. The new patch is actually geared primarily to the popular auto battler, Battlegrounds. In the new update, the team behind the mode is introducing a brand new mechanic into the game called “Battlegrounds Buddies.” These new Buddies will give a fresh feel to every single hero in the game and will open up more plays than ever before.

How Battlegrounds Buddies work

In a reveal video, Hearthstone Battlegrounds player and influencer Dima “Rdu” Radu explained the Buddies mechanic in detail. Rdu explains that Buddies are “unique minions” that are available for each hero that only they can use. These buddies are carefully designed to give support to each Hero and their playstyle.

Buddies don’t show up in the beginning of the game. They also don’t show up in shops. Instead, players will have to complete certain quests or missions each game to unlock them. These missions vary from breaking divine shields to dealing damage. On the HUD there is a new icon just left of the Hero portrait that shows the buddy and a gauge bar with two indents in it. By completing these missions, players will fill the bar up. Once it gets halfway, players will automatically get a copy of the buddy into their hands. Once the bar is filled all the way, the player will get an additional two copies. Players can decide to use the original copy as a tempo play or can hold onto it and make a golden buddy with the remaining two copies.

Reveal schedule

Throughout the day on Tuesday, January 18 and Wednesday, January 19 various content creators will be revealing even more buddies at disclosed times.

January 18

January 19

Also on Thursday, January 20 the patch notes that explain all the new changes in detail will go live. On top of that, there is a special event where other content creators will be playing show matches showcasing the new buddies. The show matches will take place starting at 1 p.m. EST and last through 5 p.m. EST. These are the players and their channels where the action will be taking place.

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