Hanabi joins the Talon Esports League of Legends team
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The new year has just begun, but the first League of Legends roster announcements are already rolling in. Among these is the reveal of the new top laner for Pacific Championship Series (PCS) team Talon Esports. Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang from Taiwan is the first player to join the new Talon Esports roster. However, the announcement tweet suggests more roster reveals will be coming soon.

Talon Esports is best known for its role in the Overwatch professional scene. The Hong Kong-based organization has achieved multiple Overwatch Contenders titles throughout the years.

Hanabi’s history in League of Legends

Hanabi is still a relatively new player in the League of Legends pro scene. His career started only two years ago when he joined the Flash Wolves organization at age 17. He competed with the team until they were forced to disband with the introduction of the new PCS league. Even though the Flash Wolves organization dominated the LMS region throughout the past two years, they did not manage to obtain a slot to compete in the new league.

After the team disbanded back in Nov. 2019, the players went their separate ways. Towards the end of the last year, we learned of Hanabi’s past teammates joining several of the top Chinese teams. These include Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung joining the League of Legends roster of Royal Never Give Up. Rumor has it that the Chinese teams offered Hanabi a substitute position as well, but he allegedly chose to look for a spot in the new PCS region instead.

The new pro league is set to start on Feb. 8 and will include a total of ten teams. For more information on who will be competing in it, be sure to read our coverage of the initial announcement of the PCS and subsequent coverage of the complete team reveal.