All legendary Overwatch Halloween skins now revealed
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Widowmaker, Pharah, Wrecking Ball, and McCree join the party

Four new Halloween heroes join Swamp Monster Doomfist and Banshee Moira. These four make up the final exclusive skins for Overwatch‘s 2018 Halloween Terror. A total of six new skins will be available in the upcoming event. You can get the legendary skins for 3,000 credits each, or find them in one of the limited-time loot boxes. Epic skins usually cost a little less, but we’ll have to wait until the event goes live to see the exact cost. As always, skins from previous Terror events will be available too.

Without further ado, I present to you the final four skins.

Spider Widowmaker

This one is an epic skin. Widowmaker doesn’t get the full do-over like Doomfist or Moira. Instead, she gets some nice recolouring, and webs to boot. It’s the perfect skin for the spider-obsessed hero. Many fans were expecting a bit more than a recolour for Widowmaker. Yes, she has one of the best back-stories for Halloween, but Widowmaker already has so many legendary skins. It made more sense for the Overwatch team to have full make-overs for some of the newer characters.

Enchanted Armour Pharah

Granted, Pharah has a number of legendary skins too, but this latest skin turns Pharah into Nearly Headless Nick. I say nearly headless because she’s still carrying her head in her hands… well rather her helmet. It’s a little creepy, but that’s the whole point of Halloween! In fact her whole body is gone. It’s more like Pharah ate a Shadow Stone from Fortnite Season six. Some game cross-overs are always nice, right? Either way, this skin is perfect for some stealth Halloween fun. Your enemies will never see you coming.

 Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball

Well I said we needed more of the newer heroes. Our newest Overwatch hero, dubbed the Hamster, gets a legendary skin. Pumpkins are always a big feature for this festive season. The Wrecking Ball skin has an interesting take on the cut-out pumpkin. Hammond is even wearing a potato sack on his head. It really feels like the creators had some food fun with this skin. If you’re a Wrecking Ball main, you’ll need to get this skin. You’ll make a statement anywhere you go.

 UnDead McCree

The final skin to be released is McCree. Like Widowmaker, he gets an epic skin with a fancy recolour. Complete with a ghostly mask, it fits McCree’s character nicely. High noon turns into midnight and McCree’s neon cape makes him stand out in the dark. Unfortunately with the mask, he can’t smoke anymore. But he’s dead anyway, right? If you manage to pick up this spooky skin, count the number of skulls featured.

 Halloween Terror with Junkenstein

Well that’s it for the legendary and epic skins for Halloween Terror 2018. Which skin is your favourite? Doomfish (didn’t take long for the internet to come up with that one), Banshee Moira, Spider Widowmaker, Enchanted Pharah, Jack-O’-Hamster, or Undead McCree? Let us know in the comments below.

The event goes live very soon so make sure you log into your Blizzard account. As always, you’ll pick up an event-exclusive loot box just for signing in. And don’t forget this year’s event is the sequel to Junkenstein’s Revenge 2017. How will the story play out? Will you be able to protect the castle?

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