Guntown Showdown update brings balance and map changes to Realm Royale - Upcomer
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Realm Royale will receive another set of balance and map changes in the upcoming Guntown Showdown update. In today’s half-hour community stream, Heroic Leap developers outlined what they have in store for their quirky battle royale.

As always, the patch is full of bug fixes and small quality-of-life changes, like a numeric indicator on the minimap showing players how far they are from the fog border. Teammates’ name plates will show at the corner of a player’s screen so they know where their team is even when they’re not looking at them. Catapults should also no longer be making the occasional “ghost-launch” when players interact with them.

Guntown, now more like Ambush City

The centerpiece of the update, the desert compound of Guntown, is receiving a number of reworks. Most of the area will be reshaped and made more labyrinthine in structure, with more cover and a lot of new building entrances and bridges. The forge building notably will have multiple new vantage points.

These changes should increase the potential for ambush play and flanking in Guntown. The new avenues of attack — or, conversely, escape routes — aim to make navigating the area more complex and fun.

The Guntown Showdown Realm Royale update will also include new cosmetics, including a Vampire Chicken

More sword nerfs

The update will also include a number of balance changes for weapons and abilities. Realm Royale’s balance lately has revolved around taming the two dominant classes (*cough* HUNTER AND SWORD-WARRIOR *cough*), and this update is no different. Here is the full balance change breakdown:


  • Sword damage reduced by 11%
  • Throwing Axe damage reduced by 7%
  • Longbow damage reduced by 6%
  • Pistol, SMG, Burst Rifle and Assault Rifle damage increased by 10%
  • LMG and Gatekeeper damage increased by 15%


  • Deploy Turret damage reduced by 10%
  • Soar flying speed reduced by 10%
  • Dodge Roll cooldown reduces by a 4 seconds across all rarities
  • Ice Block now heals for 150/300/450/600hp over its duration


  • Chicken Revive Rune revive time reduction is now 5 seconds, down from 10.

The game’s developers are also currently testing “a replacement for Ice Wall,” which they hope to introduce in Realm Royale’s next patch. Last but not least, the patch will bring new cosmetics to the game, including a Vampire Chicken and a spooky new mount. The Guntown Showdown update should be live on the playtest server later today.