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Another expansion team has revealed their name and branding for the Overwatch League. The Guangzhou Charge joins the league for the 2019 season!

They are the first Chinese expansion team to reveal their branding, amongst the three new teams from China. Hangzhou and Chengdu will presumably reveal their team names and branding in the coming weeks. Guangzhou is a port city just northwest of Hong Kong, and the color scheme would reflect some of that. Chris Hwong, the Marketing and Creative Director of the Guangzhou Charge, would explain in a press release.

“We have a large home region that stretches from the coast to the mountains, and we drew inspiration from dark blue waters, light blue skies, and lush green hills for our team colors. We’re so excited to unveil these elements to our fans, and it’s now our job to build this team brand into something that everyone in our region can be proud of.”

The CEO of the Guangzhou Charge, Sonny Xiao, would explain the reasoning behind the name, “We chose Charge because it expresses our vision to lead the esports movement in China, and to be at the forefront of innovation. It also expresses our vision for a competitive team that plays aggressive and bold.”


Guangzhou Charge also sports a simple GZ lettermark as their logo, with electric accents. The logo also has a clever negative space lightning bolt in between the letters. Many people were on the fence about the logo. Some fans would say that it was too simple and direct. However, others would express their support of the simple logo, stating that it will be more memorable. Hwang would also speak on the decision for the logo, stating:

“We want to build an international organization and fanbase, so the goal for our team brand was to create a symbol for Guangzhou that people from all of the world can instantly recognize. We took inspiration from iconic sports logos where simple letters have grown to represent an entire city.”

Zhong Naixiong, Executive Chairman of Nenking Group, would proclaim his pride as representatives of the the city by saying, “We are the first esports team to represent Guangzhou, and we want to express the spirit of our city and our team as first to lead the charge into a bright future.” Now, all we need to wait for is their roster reveal, which should not be far behind.

Roster Possibilities?

The Charge joins the Toronto Defiant, Paris Eternal and Atlanta Reign as the newest teams to join the Overwatch League. As for the roster of the Guangzhou Charge, not many details are available yet. However, there have been multiple leaks on the possible roster of the team. For example, there are apparently multiple players joining from Korean Contenders team, Meta Bellum. For now, the only player confirmed to join the roster is flex tank Choi “HOTBA” Hong-jun, who would last play for the Philadelphia Fusion. Hotba was an important part of the Fusion’s playoff run in 2018 and should be a good addition to this new team.

What are your thoughts on the Guangzhou Charge joining the Overwatch League? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more Overwatch coverage, check us out here!