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The holiday season is here, which means Los Santos is about to see snow—somewhat strange considering it is based on California. Still, the white stuff is about to fall, and snowmen are popping up around San Andreas County.

Unfortunately, these snowmen are not marked on your map, so finding them requires a little luck. If you don’t want to drive around the city aimlessly searching for them though, here are the locations of every single snowman you can find in San Andreas.

All GTA Online snowman locations

Find your own Jack Frost can be tricky, but thanks to GTALens‘ interactive map, it becomes surprisingly easy to do so.

A map of San Andreas County in GTA Online, showing the locations of every snowman marked by a snowflake.
There are 25 total snowmen. Image via GTALens

The majority of snowmen can be found in the city of Los Santos, but don’t head towards the airport, as there’s nothing down there for you. There is a decent chunk in the middle of the city, with a couple dotted up towards the casino and racecourse.

After that, there are a few spread across random hills and roads that weave their way out of Los Santos and into San Andreas County, with three found on the road at the very top of the island.

Once you get close to a snowman, sleigh bells will begin to sound so you know you are in the right area.

What to do with Snowmen in GTA Online

Once you find a snowman, you need to destroy it for 1,000 XP and a $5,000 cash reward. Destroying all 25 will unlock the Snowman outfit which you can wear to show everyone that you’re truly in the Christmas spirit.

A GTA Online player sitting in a Snowman outfit in front of Christmas decorations.
Get yourself a “cool” new look. Image via Rockstar Games

Easiest way to destroy snowmen in GTA Online

The easiest way to destroy snowmen in GTA Online is to hit it with your car. You don’t even need to be going that fast, so don’t worry about the need to build up speed or anything.

Even better, if you are sitting in a car that someone else is driving, and they hit a snowman, you still get the reward. So if you want, get a group of your buddies together and you can speed around San Andreas committing snowman homicide, and get the rewards together. With a total of $125,000 up for grabs, it’s worth the time.