Griffin director Cho resigns following recent controversy
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Following the recent controversy surrounding League of Legends team Griffin, director Cho “Cho” Gyu-nam has officially resigned. The news was first announced in a press release by the CEO of Griffin’s parent company, Still8. CEO Seo Kyung-jong explained that the reason Cho had to resign is due to his part in causing the controversy surrounding Griffin, and for Griffin to be able to rebuild the organization from the fundamentals.

What is the controversy surrounding Griffin?

As we covered earlier this month, the controversy started several weeks ago, around the time Griffin would make their first appearance on the Worlds 2019 stage. It began with the announcement that the head coach of Griffin, Kim “CvMax” Dae-ho, had been removed from the team effective immediately. We learned later that this removal was not consensual, despite the roster change announcement claiming otherwise.

However, this was only the beginning of what has now turned into a massive story. According to Kenzi, a reporter in the Korean esports scene, Cho will allegedly be starting criminal and civil proceedings against CvMax. This allegation was made in a series of tweets surrounding the situation, as well as in a Korean news report of Fomos. The particular reason for Cho’s action against CvMax is not yet confirmed. However, some have speculated it is a response to the allegations of mistreatment made by CvMax against Cho in the past weeks.

The roster might not survive

As the story has developed, the community’s response has been to make all sorts of rumors surrounding the players moving to other organizations. However, all players are still under contract at this point. No official changes have been announced yet.

That said, several of Korea’s biggest organizations have been switching up their rosters, so there is a good chance one or more of Griffin’s players will be bought out of their contracts this off-season. Some believe this would have occurred even without the recent controversy surrounding the team.

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