Grenades in Apex Legends are glitched after System Override update
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The System Override event has been a welcome change of pace in Apex Legends Season 4. Players are able to experience an all-new mode, Deja Loot, along with a ton of cosmetic items. Though some are calling for Respawn to change aspects of the event, it can still be enjoyed by most. Although, one aspect of the new update was not a welcome introduction. Since last Tuesday, the grenades have been severely glitched in Apex Legends to the point where some can’t even equip them.

Apex Legends has a grenade problem

With the System Override update, Respawn overhauled the inventory system in Apex Legends. The base space in the inventory was increased along with the backpack’s space. However, to compensate for this, players can’t carry as many meds or grenades as the stack sizes were decreased.

So, with the new update, you can only stack one grenade, 4 shield cells, 2 shield batteries, etc. It’s unclear if this new system caused the aforementioned grenade glitch, but it seems like a probable culprit.

If you haven’t experienced the grenade bug, consider yourself lucky. Some players, when they pick up any grenade, can’t equip it because it doesn’t appear on the HUD (heads-up display). A clip by one Reddit user shows how frustrating this can be.

Not sure if this has been posted yet. Inventory grenades aren’t showing on HUD and cannot be selected. from apexlegends

The glitch occurs when you pick up a grenade off the ground. It doesn’t seem to occur when the grenades are picked up from supply bins, however. The theory as of right now is that the glitch is caused by grenades that are discarded from your inventory. So, if a teammate drops you a grenade from their inventory and you pick it up, it most likely won’t be selectable for you.

Respawn has yet to comment on this issue, but they’re most likely aware since developers scour social media. Though, it’s unclear when a hot fix will arrive to patch the glitch.

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