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Gran Turismo Sport is set to release a new update in July this year

The Gran Turismo Sport update is poised to release seven new car models and lots of new features.

The new car line-up includes the following:

  • Mercedes F1
  • Mazda 787B Lemans
  • Ford GT LM Spec II
  • Ferrari 250 GTO
  • Hondo 2660
  • Honda Beat
  • Daihatsu Copen
gran turismo sport update F1
The Mercedes F1 car comes to us in the new update. This is the car used in the 2017 F1 Championship series. (Image: Gran Turismo)

Circuit de Sainte-Croix track

Introducing the Circuit de Sainte-Croix track. The track features six different playouts. It comes in three different configurations, and you can choose to race them backwards. The original track is located near Sainte-Croix Lake in Southern France. The full track is 10km long and has 19 corners. In real life, this track is a dirt track and is no longer used. The Gran Turismo Sport update brings the track back to life in full racing style.

gran turismo sport update track
The Sainte-Croix track bought back to life (Image: Gran Turismo)

Other features

The Gran Turismo Sport update introduces more micro-transactions to the game. You can now purchase cars from the PlayStation Store in extension to the standard in-game purchases. Players can also purchase more items and add colours to their apparel. You’ll soon be able to add decals to your racing suits and helmets too. These announcements come soon after Forza shifted to remove loot crates from their game.

As esports continues to grow in a number of areas, Gran Turismo steps up to the plate. The update comes with three new events being added to the GT League. There’s a Lightweight Cup for the Beginner League, a Nostalgic Car Festival for the Amateur, and a Mercedes Grand Prix mode for the Professional League. It seems as though Mercedes is really turning up the heat on their esports involvement. Not only have they introduced the F1 car and Grand Prix modes for Gran Turismo Sport, but they are joining forces with Sony for an event as well.

GT Sport E-Cup

Mercedes and Sony Interactive Italy are teaming up to hold the Gran Turismo Sport E-Cup. The launch of the series kicks off in July to coincide with the Gran Turismo Sport update. There’s online qualifying taking place from August to September. The Italian Grand Prix will feature esports with two of the live qualifying sessions to take place during the event. October will see the “Last Chance” qualifier take place in the ESL Arena at the Milan Games in October.

Gran Turismo sport update esports

Players will be using the new Mercedes F1 car introduced in the Gran Turismo update. Registrations for the series are currently open and can be found here (in Italian).

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