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The Goldfields Theatre at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre will host the Esports Federation’s first CS:GO tournament.

The tournament has been set, and the venue is chosen! The Australia Esports Federation announced its CS:GO tournament in July, and today, the location of the tournament has been released to the public. The venue of choice is the Goldfields Theatre at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

Goldfields Theatre

The Goldfields Theatre is a brand new facility and has been open less than one month. This will be the first esports tournament to be held in the theatre. It’s the largest theatre at the convention centre, complete with a cafe and bar. The new theatre is part of the centre’s redevelopment project. The expansion aims to be “an absolute game changer,” said the Victoria Minister for Tourism and Major Events. The “new space [will] attract more events and thousands more visitors to Victoria.” It definitely feels like a game changer as esports is thrown into the mix of events being hosted at the centre.

Tony Shao, the Managing Director of Australia Esports Federation, stumbled upon the Theatre when he was looking for venues to host the tournament:

“I just called them up and asked what they had available and they told me they just opened this new theatre that seats 1000 people!”

The Goldfields Theatre is very impressive, including retractable seating for versatile use. Combine this with the latest technology and the Goldfields Theatre can be used for anything from educational pieces, to keynote speeches, concerts, and yes… esports! When Tony saw this new space and heard of the advanced tech used in the building, he just had to hold his tournament there:

“When we went to the venue, I just knew we had to take it and make this event the best that we’ve ever done”

It’s certainly going to be one exciting tournament. If you’re from Melbourne and want to see the event live at the Goldfields Theatre, head over to the event page to purchase tickets. Alternatively, follow all the action on Twitch from anywhere in the world.

This tournament will take place on the 28th of September, not long after the Melbourne Esports Open.

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