Going over all of the different types of XP in Call of Duty: Vanguard
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Sledgehammer Games is giving Call of Duty: Vanguard players more ways to customize their experience. To further the customization, Sledgehammer is offering multiple ways to earn XP for different facets of multiplayer.

In the past, XP has been something that players use to level up their weapons and individual level. However, Sledgehammer is aiming to enhance the methods that players can earn XP to achieve more immersive gameplay. Here are all of the current ways players can earn XP in Vanguard multiplayer.

Individual level XP

Starting off is the classic way to earn XP in multiplayer. Players will still have to earn XP to level their individual rank up in Vanguard. With each level that players attain, they unlock a different item in multiplayer. This could be a weapon, perk or killstreak.

There’s no word on how many individual ranks there are in multiplayer or how the prestige system will work. Sledgehammer has yet to reveal much about individual progression in Vanguard.

Weapon level XP

The next form of XP is another classic method. Players can earn weapon XP the more they use a specific gun. As players level up a weapon, they earn additional attachments for it. There are dozens of attachments for each gun in Vanguard, with 10 attachments allowed on each gun as well. There’s no word on what the max level for weapons is in multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons
Some of the weapon skins in Call of Duty: Vanguard. | Provided by Activision

Clan XP

A seemingly new way to earn XP in Vanguard is through Clans. Upcomer went into more detail on the new feature in a previous article but to sum it up, players who join a clan can earn XP by playing with others in the group. As players earn XP for the clan, they can unlock rewards for the entire squad.

Operator XP

As it currently stands, Operator XP is the final method of earning XP in Vanguard multiplayer. This feature is returning from Black Ops 3 and has the community pretty excited. There are 12 Operators coming to Vanguard at launch and players can level each of them up the more they use them in-game.

Each Operator will have unlockable rewards at every new level. These rewards are anything from emblems and calling cards to specific skins. More Operators will come during Vanguard’s life cycle, presumably with each new season, giving players more objectives to complete.

As Vanguard multiplayer is revealed further, new ways to earn XP might surface. For now, though, these are the four methods.

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