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The new fan engagement platform Espo has partnered with European esports organization Godsent, along with F2K and Team Queso. The partnership will provide a gateway for fans to access exclusive perks, interact with each other, and more.

Espo’s goal is to provide rewards to esports fans, and it’s looking to do just that with its new collaboration. The platform, launching next month, will run a 30-day campaign series focusing on players that represent one of Espo’s Team Partners. Each campaign will offer unique perks and rewards to fans who financially contribute to these campaigns. Some perks include opportunities for fans to play with their idols, receive coaching, or get access to exclusive merchandise.

Fans can redeem their perks by using their Espo loyalty points. These points are gained through participation in the Community Incentive Program during Espo’s launch. Additionally, Espo plans to release more rewards after the platform launches. These rewards vary depending on the teams that partner with Espo.

F2k, Godsent, and Team Queso joining in

Espo founder and CEO Henry James shared a few words regarding the new team partnerships.

After unveiling our company and announcing our fan engagement platform for the esports community back in June, we’re extremely excited to be partnering with such outstanding teams. Believing in our vision to bring esports fans to the heart of the action is one thing, but receiving the level of support from the guys at F2K, Godsent, and Team Queso has been very humbling.

F2K, founded in 2015, is one of the most-watched esports organizations on both Twitch and YouTube. Some of their partnered streamers include Filthyrobot, Raeyei, and Uber_Nerd. “This partnership will also further our growth for the team, securing key partnerships with future endemic and non-endemic partners,” said F2K co-founder and managing director Tim Bergman.

Godsent, recently signing the first all-female Valorant team, also had a few words to say about this new opportunity. “We are happy to get started with Espo’s platform and work closely with the experienced team behind it. For GODSENT and our fast-paced international expansion, this is a key partnership for us that will enable further growth with endemic and non-endemic partners worldwide.”

Aside from F2K and Godsent, Spanish esports organization Team Queso will also participate in the launch of Espo. Team Queso’s game variety ranges from Clash Royale, Hearthstone, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and more.