GODSENT expands partnership with Philips
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Swedish esports organization GODSENT has announced an extension of its partnership with Dutch health technology company Philips. The collaboration first began in late 2019 with Philips’ electric grooming tool brand OneBlade being showcased at a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden.

GODSENT, Philips OneBlade

“Philips OneBlade is proud to team up with GODSENT. These athletes are performing on an international level and have a strong heritage in their Nordic home turf,” said Erica Eliasson, Nordic Marketing Manager OneBlade & Grooming at Philips, in a release. “What Philips OneBlade will bring is that extra flavor of self-confidence. When you feel at your best you can also stay focused and go that extra mile.”

Through the partnership, GODSENT will promote Philips and OneBlade as the official provider for personal care products. Some non-endemic sponsorships may seem like a bit of a reach. However, personal branding is a major part of an esports player’s career. Because of this, aspects like appearance and hygienics are important for gamers who are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of their competitive environment.

Non-endemic partnership

“We are really happy that Philips OneBlade was so eager to keep working with our brand and teams going into 2020. Almost the entire CS:GO roster were already using OneBlade before the partnership, so it is really easy for us to promote these products since we already appreciate them,” said Henrik Denebrandt, CEO at GODSENT. “This partnership enables us to keep investing in our continuous growth in esports and furthermore help us enabling our players to look and feel great in order to play great.”

This is the first time that Philips Nordic has entered a long term sponsorship with an esports team. GODSENT currently competes in CSGO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Dota 2. Philips joins other partners that include Tennis player Bjorn Borg, gaming peripherals brand Mionix, sparkling organic drink company Clean Drink, gaming hardware company Shark Gaming, technology platform GRID, and media platform GLHF.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.