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The newest character to enter the SMITE battlefield is the goddess Ishtar. Players can clash against others as Ishtar starting Aug. 23 with the Love and War update, according to the announcement. Here’s everything to know about her passive, abilities and ultimate.

SMITE Ishtar Mark of Vengeance passive
SMITE Ishtar: Mark of Vengeance passive. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games

Mark of Vengeance passive

Mark of Vengeance is the SMITE goddess’ passive, allowing Ishtar to mark the enemy player who most recently damaged her. This passive is activated when Ishtar goes below 75% health. It’s also indicated by a marker above the enemy’s head plus the gem in her passive meter being full.

Each time Ishtar deals basic attack damage to a marked enemy player, she stacks an attack speed buff for a few seconds. If the SMITE goddess gets a kill or assist on the marked opponent, then she receives a movement speed buff.

The Spread Shot basic attack enhancement for the Imbue Arrows ability
The Spread Shot basic attack enhancement for the Imbue Arrows ability. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games

SMITE Ishtar: Imbue Arrows

Imbue Arrows is Ishtar’s first ability, which enhances her basic attacks for a few seconds. These types of basic attack options include Strike Shot, Spread Shot and Storm Shot. The SMITE goddess cannot hit Structures while using Imbue Arrows.

Strike Shot involves explosive bolts that can be fired over walls for bonus AoE damage. Meanwhile, Spread Shot consists of a cone-shaped area that indicates where the five shots are headed. The arrow in the center of this cone procs basic attack item effects.

As for Storm Shot, Ishtar enhances her attack speed before doing a quick and long-ranged snipe. The tradeoff for Storm Shot is reduced damage.

SMITE Ishtar Rolling Thunder ability
SMITE Ishtar’s Rolling Thunder ability. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games

Rolling Thunder ultimate in SMITE

Next, Rolling Thunder lets Ishtar aim four lightning strikes in a line to damage enemies within the area. If an enemy gets hit by more than one strike, then they become crowd controlled by mesmerize.

Ishtar can choose to have the lightning strikes go outwards away from her or towards her for better zoning.

Ishtar using Jolt in SMITE
Ishtar using Jolt in SMITE. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games

SMITE Ishtar: Jolt

Jolt strikes enemies in the SMITE goddess’ path, and if Ishtar hits an opposing player, then she roots them before she does a backflip away from them. While she’s in the air, she fires her bow for damage in an area around the enemy player. Jolt can also crit and activate basic attack item effects.

The Blades of Retribution ultimate in SMITE
The Blades of Retribution ultimate in SMITE. | Provided by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games

Blades of Retribution

As for Ishtar’s ultimate, Blades of Retribution makes her immune to crowd control while firing five swords in front of her. Each of these swords deals damage and does soft crowd control to enemies.

Ishtar can recall the swords to her location within a few seconds when they reach their destination. If an opponent gets hit with the initial attack and the recall one, then they become stunned. Each sword hit after the initial one deals reduced damage and resets before the recall phase. The SMITE goddess can also move around and cast abilities during Blades of Retribution.

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