Gillette Infinity Esports climbs to first place in LLA Week 3
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Latin America League team Gillette Infinity Esports is at the top of the ladder for the LLA Week 3 games. On Sunday they played against XTEN Esports, finishing their game in under 30 minutes. As they sit tied with All Knights in first place, their chances of staying there are undeniably high.

Infinity started off strong at the beginning of their game. At the eight-minute mark, they had a gold lead of just under 1,000 while holding on to an Infernal Drake. While XTEN’s bot lane — a Miss Fortune and Yuumi pair — struggled to keep up, Infinity found ways to stay ahead. The same struggle kept following XTEN throughout the entire game.

Unfortunately, their best wasn’t enough as Infinity ended the game with 4 Drakes, 9 kills, and a 6,700 gold difference. As XTEN walked off the stage without giving out traditional handshakes, Infinity basked in the glory of another LLA victory.

In an after-game interview, Interviewer Martina “Sookie” Marcaccio took a moment to speak with Infinity’s Jungler, Diego “SolidSnake” Vallejo Trujillo. He reflected on how they are growing together as a team and how it’s helping them win games; Daily Esports translated his input.

I feel like in the beginning, we weren’t clicking as a team. Now at the last minute, it’s like we’re making daily progress. I feel at this point we’re demonstrating that we can work together and we’re going to keep moving forward.

infinity vs xten

Infinity’s history of good games

This isn’t the first time Infinity has done well in League of Legends. In 2018, they earned their way to the 2018 World Championship. In an unfortunate turn of events, they lost their spot to G2 Esports, never making it out of the Play-In stage.

They also got pretty close to the top in last year’s LLA opening and closing Playoff games, earning 4th and 3rd place. Overall, the Costa Rican team has a long way to go in order to stay at the top and play in the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational.

On to Week 4

Next weekend they’ll be in a good position to gain another victory as they play against bottom team Azules Esports. Infinity is currently enjoying their 5 wins, while Azules is trying to climb out of 5 losses. This will lead up to the second day of Week 4 as they face against Isurus Gaming. Isurus, one of Latin America’s most popular esports teams, is also struggling to win games. Although it’s been a tough season for them, they may pose as a challenge for Infinity.

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