Ghost of Our Love: Floating Candles map answer in Hogwarts Legacy
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During your time in Hogwarts Legacy, you will likely stumble across dozens of treasure maps that have been scattered across the castle grounds and surrounding hamlets. Students and other characters have left behind these maps for others to solve. As Harry Potter fans know, it’s in the nature of most Hogwarts students to seek out the unknown for great reward, so why not test your luck with some treasure hunts? One of the earlier treasure hunts that you can go on Hogwarts Legacy is called “Ghost of Our Love,” and it’s accessible during a main story quest.

Find the treasure in Ghost of Our Love in Hogwarts Legacy

The main story quest you’re looking for is the one where you need to track down Richard Jackdaw. This ghost has information that can help you and Professor Fig track down the missing pages from the book you took from the Restricted Section of the Library. During this quest, which is different depending on what house you’re in, you need to find a map called “Map with Floating Candles.” For us in Gryffindor, we found it sitting on a crate after Sir Nearly Headless Nicholas was taken away by Sir Patrick of the Headless Hunt outside of Hogsmeade. We also know that Ravenclaw students can find the map atop the Owlery.

No matter how you find the map, once you do, you need to head to the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame, but only at night time. You can fast-forward the time by going into the “Map” section of the main menu. You will have already discovered this Floo Flame after traveling to Hogsmeade with your companion for the first time. Go to the forest’s Floo Flame, and then turn around to find a stone bridge. At the start of this bridge, you will see a love letter sitting atop a stone on the left side of the bridge.

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Interact with the love letter, and then cast a Lumos spell. This will trigger three floating candles to appear, and all you need to do is follow them into the Forbidden Forest. Eventually, you will stumble across a nicely-lit dinner for two. A chest will appear once you’ve reached the destination, and you can open it to earn your reward from the treasure hunt.

Inside the chest, you’ll find 400 gold and the Treasure-Seeker’s Scarf appearance, as seen in the screenshot below. This isn’t an actual scarf, but it’s something you can change your current scarf’s appearance to in the Gear menu.

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With that, the Ghost of Our Love treasure hunt is wrapped up and you can move on to other quests in Hogwarts Legacy.


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