Ghost Bizzle, Liquid Vivid headline first group of Fortnite World Cup qualifiers
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The first week of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 is completed. Players battled in each region to qualify for the Finals. The games were highly entertaining with notable players in every lobby. In total, 19 players earned themselves a spot in New York City and a cash prize. There were some surprises, but the pros took the day and rose to the top of the leaderboard. Some players who succeeded in previous tournaments also came out victorious. Timothy “Ghost Bizzle” Miller, Noah “Liquid Vivid” Wright, and Benjy “NRG benjyfishy” David Fish all qualified in the opening weekend. There are still nine weeks remaining. Plenty of players are still capable of qualifying and the excitement will continue.

Week 1 Standings

The number of players varied by region. The names of the players in bold are the ones who qualified for Fortnite‘s World Cup Finals. Here are the top 10 per region.

NA East

  1. SEN Bugha
  2. Dubs FN
  3. Ghost Bizzle
  4. TSM_Comadon
  5. Liquid Vivid
  6. 100T Ceice
  7. Envy LeNain
  8. Secret Fuzzy
  9. KingTrigg
  10. Ghost Assault

NA West

  1. snow xd
  2. Bloom Riversan
  3. andrew.
  4. EpikWhale
  5. FLY Edgey
  6. aixei
  7. T1 Fulmer
  8. HzExtinct
  9. Vent


  1. E11 Stompy
  2. TQ Prisi0n3r0
  3. NRG benjyfishy
  5. Gambit.letw1k3
  6. LDLC Nayte
  7. S2V DiegoGB
  8. TrainH DRG
  9. VGIA Khinsanth
  10. Solary Airwaks


  1. slaya
  3. SpeedyND
  4. Cat taking walls
  5. Eshz_
  6. Hillo
  7. Twitch Kules
  8. RNG Hershicals
  9. kieren in a ball
  10. king glxy


  1. TOP_FaxFox
  2. KGA SexyBoy
  3. T1 Medusa
  4. GE_fa1zzy
  6. Meta Sin0oh
  7. CR RizArt sub
  8. BRZ_sougaming
  9. GE_Swillium
  10. CR.bell


  1. QUASAR leleo
  2. Code W7M-Nicks
  3. RED Snow.
  4. NothingNoname
  5. ECOLE lildio
  6. sheco
  7. TZ9 Tisora
  9. Pulgaboy
  10. 9z Lagarto

The number of players that qualify per region was set before the tournament started. It is based on the number of active Fortnite players in the given region.

Week 1 Summary

As much as the Ballers and bugs were talked about beforehand, there was little to complain about during the tournament. There were Ballers late in the game, but most lobbies were not overwhelmed. The slight nerf to the Ballers’ health caused more players to take shots at the vehicles. In addition, there were no notable glitches or lag. The gameplay was crisp and competitive.

The players who were aggressive toward the end were rewarded with eliminations. Viewers’ only complaint was the lack of players streaming the event. The Fortnite Twitch page shared a broadcast of the games but lacked the players’ perspective. Hopefully, more competitors will stream the event next week for the beginning of the duo matches.

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