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While this Overwatch League team’s player signings seem to be done, another addition comes through. The Paris Eternal have signed French head coach Zouheir “GetAmazed” Baba, formerly a coach for Drifters and Third Impact. After a long career as both a player and coach, this leader has joined the Overwatch League. After winning contenders with Eagle Gaming back in 2018, he now has the opportunity to win at the biggest stage.

GetAmazed’s path to pro

To start, GetAmazed was originally a player for Eagle Gaming in European contenders. After playing for some relatively unknown teams since the start of 2017, he joined Eagle Gaming at the start of 2018. His first season with the team was mediocre, but the next second season they won it all. Beating Angry Titans led them to a championship, and GetAmazed was key in their win. After playing a little more in the contenders scene, he moved on to coaching.

GetAmazed winning contenders.
GetAmazed, left middle, wins contenders with Eagle Gaming.

After a couple months coaching GRUNTo esports, he moved onto North American contenders team Third Impact. He was primarily an assistant coach, focusing on player development. While on Third Impact, they reached a semifinals in their second season in 2019, and a week two win in 2020. However, after that, GetAmazed moved into coaching team Drifters. This is where he started head coaching, and got some respectable results. Finishing second in his first month with the team as well as a trip to the North American Gauntlet were the highlights. It seems the Eternal saw his leadership and decided GetAmazed would be their new head coach.

Paris Eternal complete for 2021

With all the player signings that happened last week, it surprised many when Paris announced another signing this week. Fans were wondering if this meant another player or just more staff. In this case, it is more staff, but the head coach is a big position to get. First, being a French head coach helps with both communicating to players and fitting into the Paris community. Plus, with his experience playing in European contenders as well as coaching in North America, he is flexible. However, now it’s time to see if this European mix of talent from players to coaching can fit together at the Overwatch League level.

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