Gen.G unites esports and STEM with Sacramento Municipal Utility District
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Gen.G and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District are uniting esports, gaming and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with an experiential after-school program.

The Colts Generational Gaming Academy will be hosted at Edward Harris Jr. Middle School, located in California.

The program will involve Minecraft, according to a tweet by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. “#Minecraft + STEM will unleash the imagination and problem-solving of students at Edward Harris, Jr. Middle School. We can’t wait to see what kind of community solutions students of the Colts Generational Gaming Academy come up with,” SMUD tweeted.

About the experiential program

The experiential after-school program plans to take the passion students have for gaming and use it as a way to increase their engagement in STEM, innovation and sustainability. Topics will be taught from a gaming perspective to help students gain career-related skills.

The Colts Generational Gaming Academy will launch on Oct. 4, and 100 selected students will take part in a program that covers three categories. These categories include gaming and esports, gaming and society, and gaming and innovation.

As for the lessons, students will learn about the fundamentals of game development, basics of content creation, sustainability and zero carbon technology. The students will also get the chance to meet professionals within the gaming industry, which will include content creators, those in marketing and professional gamers.

Gen.G unites esports and STEM with experiential after-school program Minecraft
Minecraft screenshot. | Provided by Mojang

A gaming and STEM career path

Gen.G’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kahlil Keys, said the esports organization could not be more excited to expand its resources, reach and education insights to the middle school.

“We are proud to partner with a school that shares our mission to equip students with tangible skills and networks that enable them to pursue successful futures,” Keys said. “We believe this program will ultimately establish a new framework for helping students define their dream careers in STEM through engagement with gaming technology and professionals.”

Edward Harris Jr. Middle School Principal Charles Amey agreed that the program will let students explore career paths. “This program will integrate student passions of video game and design, with everyone’s number one goal, learning. We foresee nothing but fruitful outcomes from this endeavor,” Amey said.

Gen.G unites esports and STEM with experiential after-school program Minecraft
Minecraft screenshot. | Provided by Mojang

Helping real-world communities

The Gen.G and middle school partnership is part of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s community outreach program as well. The goal is to support individuals who live and work in the area.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Board of Director Rosanna Herber noted that the program will be an incredible opportunity for students. Herber said that by engaging in STEM activities through Minecraft, students can solve problems within their own communities in the real world.

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