Gen.G parts ways with Ambition and Crown for 2019 - Upcomer
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After a disappointing finish to their year, Gen.G confirms that the team is parting ways with Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong and Lee “Crown” Min-ho.

This truly is an end of an era, as the core of this roster has been together since 2016. Top laner Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin has actually been playing with Crown since 2015. Undergoing multiple branding changes, from Samsung Galaxy to KSV eSports, to the current Gen.G brand. As a core, they would perform quite well over the last two years. However, their hard work would culminate into their 2017 campaign.

Under the Samsung Galaxy brand, they would finish fourth in the Summer Split. However, the team would make it to the World Championships through the Korean Regional Finals. They would finish second in their group, behind Royal Never Give Up. Afterward, they would make a dominant run through the playoffs, sweeping Korea’s Longzhu Gaming and China’s World Elite. Finally, they would face off against their rival, SK Telecom T1, where they would sweep them as well. Ambition and Crown would play a huge part in their success, as well as bringing an end to SKT’s run of dominance.

A Disappointing 2018

Unfortunately, 2018 would not bear the same fruits for Ambition and Crown. After rebranding twice, the team would not find the same success as they did the year before. In the 2018 Summer Split, they would finish fifth in the regular season. They would also lose in the first round of the playoffs to SKT T1. In the next season, they would finish fourth in the regular season, but lose in the first round, this time to Afreeca Freecs.

They would manage to qualify for Worlds 2018 through the Regional Finals once again. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t have a miracle run like a year before. They would be placed into a group with Royal Never Give Up, Cloud9 and Team Vitality. Many people would expect the consistency of Gen.G to prevail, but instead, they would have one of the worst runs of any Korean team at Worlds. They would go 1-5, trailing their group and exiting Worlds early.

It seems like this was the last straw for the Gen.G organization, as they have decided to make some changes. Ambition and Crown were pretty lackluster during Worlds, and even during the regular season. Many times, the team would lean on their ADC, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk, to carry them. If Ruler was shut down early, they could not rely on Crown or Ambition to shoulder any of the load from their star bottom lane carry.

Looking Forward

For Ambition and Crown, this was a pretty off-year for the duo. However, they are still premium talent that should find a team somewhere in the region. It is unlikely that they two leave Korea, but with the multiple teams shuffling their roster this offseason, they will probably find a home soon. If these two players can regain their lost form, whichever team that picks them up will have a force to be reckoned with in those respective roles.

For Gen.G, it is time for a quick refresh on the team and some of its key roles. It makes sense that they would keep CuVee and the bottom lane, as they were pretty reliable during 2018. However, they will need to bring more firepower into their mid lane to alleviate some pressure off of Ruler.

What are your thoughts on Ambition and Crown leaving Gen.G? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more LCK coverage, check us out here!