Galaxies Pass+ comes to Teamfight Tactics, free and paid rewards detailed
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Riot Games discussed in a blog post some of the changes coming to the League of Legends game mode, Teamfight Tactics. We just recently got our first look at Set 3 and some of the new attributes coming with it, including Cybernetic and Star Guardian. This time around, the blog focused on monetary changes coming to the game and rewards players can earn through the new Galaxies Pass experience.

Riot has set three rules for itself for making new content. First and foremost, they never want players to have to pay for any type of gameplay advantage. Next, cosmetics should be fun, whether or not you spend money on the game. And finally, Riot wants to enable players to express themselves.

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass

The Galaxies Pass will function the same as other season passes before, earning rewards as various milestones are made. With the paid version of the pass, called Galaxies Pass+, players will be able to earn more rewards than before, with immediate rewards unlocking right away. The Galaxies Pass+ is priced at 1350 RP, with players able to earn XP for the pass until June 9. Players will be able to purchase the pass at any point during the season and still earn all rewards they would have gained through progression.

The free version of the Galaxies Pass will still include two Little Legends and a space-themed emote. It will also include an upgraded arena that players can earn. This arena appears to be more than just a recolor of the normal arena.

Teamfight Tactics Arena concept art

Players who purchase the Galaxies Pass+ will instantly gain over 20 levels’ worth of rewards and the UFO Sprite, a cute little River Friend in a spaceship that will float across the arena. As players progress through the Pass+ rewards, they can earn the limited-timed Astronaut Molediver. The Molediver is also very cute with his little shovel.

Teamfight Tactics UFOTeamfight Tactics Mole

Also coming to Teamfight Tactics is a new type of cosmetic called “Booms!.” Booms! change the particle effects of your Little Legends and units on the arena. Like the Little Legends, there are different tiers for Booms! with different effects. Riot does not say whether these cosmetics are exclusive to the Galaxies Pass+ or will be available to purchase separately.

More Little Legends eggs will be available to earn, and players who get to the end of the Galaxies Pass will be guaranteed a Legendary Little Legend.

How do you get all these rewards?

Thankfully, Riot decided to get rid of the Orb of Enlightenment as the progression mechanic. Instead, players will earn XP after every match in Teamfight Tactics. There is no cap on XP gained from playing, potentially making it easier to hit some of the reward tiers. Riot also decided to change how missions work. Missions will now take longer to complete, but each one will reward players with 200 XP every time. Riot makes special note that the generally miserable mission “play games until 3-6” has been removed.

Even more Little Legends to collect

Riot brought some changes to the Little Legends system, making it easier to collect specific characters. Players will also be able to purchase some Little Legends directly from the store for an unreleased amount that will be disclosed soon.

Also coming with the Galaxies set are new space-themed arenas. Three arenas will be releasing alongside the Galaxies Pass. These arenas will be available individually for 1380 RP or as a bundle for 2900 RP. Riot says they will be exploring other ways to purchase and earn cosmetics for Teamfight Tactics in the future.

TFT Arena

TFT Mobile bonus edition

Finally, Riot discussed some of the things to expect in the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics. Though the post does not give a specific date for release, it does discuss how players will be able to purchase the Galaxies Pass+ for mobile during the initial release of the game. This seems to suggest that the mobile version will be available sometime before the season ends on June 9. Players will also be able to sync up with their regular Teamfight Tactics account so they can earn progression across multiple systems.

How do you feel about the changes coming to Teamfight Tactics? Are you ready for TFT Mobile to eat up your data? Follow Daily Esports for all your latest news and let us know what you’re excited about most in the comments below. Maybe you’ll open your favorite Little Legend soon!

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