G4TV announce Lost Ark Invitational with $20.000 up for grabs
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G4TV is hosting their Lost Ark invitational on April 12, 2022. The entertainment brand will be inviting streamers and players in order to compete for $20.000 in prize money.

G4TV announce Lost Ark Invitational

G4TV is an entertainment company that originally debuted in 2002 and created general gaming and esports-related content. The company was a television channel owned by comcast that focused on gaming content. The company rebranded last year to include a return to television, but also the addition of several esports personalities in Ovilee May and Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, who used to be on League of Legends broadcasts.

Lost Ark is one of the world’s largest games at the moment. The game peaked at 1.2 million concurrent viewers according to Twitchtracker.com and has an average of 35,000 viewers daily. It is one of the new MMORPGs that have come into the space to contest the dominance of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14. The game was previously only released in South Korea but was eventually ported over to the west through Amazon Studios in early Jan. 2022.

G4’s invitational will feature Lost Ark’s main Player vs Player mode, a classic arena format. These are instanced rooms that give players and teams personal areas to battle it out, with the available modes being 3v3 deathmatch, 3v3 with individual 1v1 arenas, and a 6 player free for all. While it is not known yet which one the invitational will choose, it will most likely be the 3v3 deathmatch option, which has been used in other Lost Ark PvP competitions. 3v3 deathmatch is also the mode used in other MMORPG PvP competitions. Most commonly, World of Warcraft’s Arena World Championships.

The invitational will have $20,000 up for grabs and will be streamed on G4TV’s Twitch channel, and the competition will begin on April 12, 2022, at 6 p.m. EST.

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