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This time around, the fate of Group A would be decided on Day Six of Worlds. Would Flash Wolves bounce back from a less-than-stellar performance the last few days or would Korea’s Afreeca Freecs rise to the top of the group? Could G2 Esports or Phong Vu Buffalo make the run into the quarterfinals? As we saw from Group B, upsets were the theme of Worlds 2018. Anything could happen.

Let’s check out the results for Group B.

Afreeca Freecs defeats Flash Wolves in slow first game

In the first game of day six, Afreeca Freecs would play a horribly slow game against Flash Wolves. The games between Cloud9 and Group B spoiled the viewers, as this was one of the slowest games of Worlds 2018. For almost 30 minutes, there wouldn’t be a significant teamfight besides one at the nine-minute mark. Both teams would stall out and push waves, making this one of the more boring games as a spectator.

Finally, around the 30-minute mark, Afreeca Freecs would find a good teamfight in the mid lane. They would control the pace of the game for the majority of the match. In the end, that one teamfight would decide the game, and the Koreans would tie up the scores with the Taiwanese hopeful.

G2 Esports comes back from huge deficit against Phong Vu Buffalo

For our second game of day six, G2 Esports would have to claw their way back from an almost 5K gold deficit. By 25 minutes, the Europeans would lead the kill count. However, the Vietnamese team would lead in every other aspect. They would have four dragons, six turrets, and just as many kills. They would even pick up Baron a few minutes later, albeit at the cost of four members. All the while, G2 would maintain their kill lead, which would end up being a big factor in their win.

When the late game would roll around, G2’s midlaner Luka “Perkz” Perković would become a runaway freight train. With his kill lead, he would become almost unkillable with Akali, and no one would be able to stop him from getting to the squishies. They would end up finishing the game at 48 minutes, but with a 22-8 scoreline. Perkz would end off with eleven kills to his name, the most out of anyone in the game.

Flash Wolves bounces back with win over G2 Esports

Flash Wolves would manage to find a win on day six, after a bloodbath of a game against G2. The fights would be fast and often for the European and Taiwan squads. G2 would actually run a unique bottom lane with Brand/Tahm Kench. This was something we haven’t seen since early summer when the meta was all topsy-turvy. However, Flash Wolves has shown throughout these Worlds that they thrive on chaos and constant fights.

There would end up being 46 kills across the board, with the kill leader being Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang on his Akali. Additionally, without enough damage on G2’s carries, late game fights would soon see them fall off. The Brand pick would end up biting them pretty hard, but their team fights would still end up pretty close. Still, after a great back and forth, Flash Wolves would end up on top.

Afreeca Freecs ease past Phong Vu Buffalo

The King of Group A would solidify their claim on the throne with a great win over Phong Vu Buffalo. With some great macro and team fighting, Afreeca Freecs would simply outplay their Vietnamese opponents in 33 minutes. Afreeca’s Freecs’ budding star Kim “Kiin” Gi-in would become a beast on Jax, while Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun would end up being a force himself on Xayah. It was a pretty calm, controlled game from Afreeca Freecs, albeit a little more exciting than their last game.

Phong Vu Buffalo stuns Flash Wolves in high kill affair

An upset of massive proportions would occur for the fifth game of day six. As we said, Worlds’ theme was ‘upsets’, so this day wouldn’t be complete without a good David vs. Goliath story. Granted, Flash Wolves aren’t really “Goliath’s”, but this should have been a lopsided affair. Instead, we were treated to a fiesta of a game, with almost 50 kills throughout the match. Phong Vu Buffalo would surprise Flash Wolves with a great amount of synergy and aggression.

Meanwhile, Flash Wolves would make some uncharacteristic mistakes throughout the game, especially in the team fights. Speaking of the team fights, they would be some of the messiest I’ve ever witnessed at Worlds. Phong Vu would show that by being eliminated from Worlds, they would play with nothing to lose. They would come out on top of the chaos and end up taking the game in 41 minutes. For Flash Wolves fans, it was a horrible look into the future, especially with how the team had begun their Worlds.

G2 and Afreeca Freecs lock themselves into the Quarterfinals

First, G2 Esports would face off against Afreeca Freecs, where they would get worn down by the Korean second seed. In a 40 minute slugfest, Afreeca would utilize their global presence to the max. With a beefy front line in Galio and Alistar, Kramer would have free reign to tack on as much damage as he wanted. Afreeca would eventually take the win, after a hard-fought battle. This meant that the Koreans would take first place in the group!

However, this meant that G2 Esports would have to take on Flash Wolves to determine if they would make it to Worlds playoffs. Fortunately for them, Flash Wolves would not ban Heimerdinger. Instead, the Taiwanese team would opt to counter-pick the champ with Mordekaiser. Ultimately, it would not work out for them, as they would also give most of G2 their comfort picks. It was a collapse that some people actually saw coming. G2 would take the 32-minute win with ease and moves on to the Worlds quarterfinals.

What are your thoughts on the results of day six and Group A? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more Worlds content, check us out here!