French DPS Tsuna joins the Paris Eternal - Upcomer
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With many teams in the Overwatch League looking for flexible talent, it’s no surprise that the Paris Eternal picked up French French DPS player Samir “Tsuna” Ikram, formerly of the Vancouver Titans and Eternal Academy. As he had ties to the Paris organization in the past, it seems that Tsuna is getting another chance. He joined the Overwatch League as a rookie last season for Vancouver, but he was released over this off-season. As he has been striving to get back into the Overwatch League, Paris wanted to add depth as well as someone they knew. Look no further than this French DPS player to solidify their team.

Tsuna’s past

Over his time in European contenders, Tsuna has played for three great teams in the region. He started his career on Young and Beautiful at the end of 2018. However, after a small tournament win, he decided to move to the British Hurricane. The team finished second in their first season with Tsuna and was competitive in the Atlantic Showdown afterward. But, after a semi-final finish in the next season, he moved to the Eternal Academy. Tsuna’s time on their roster wasn’t long, but he did help the team reach a semi-final finish for one of their weekly tournaments. During that time, the Vancouver Titans were imploding and needed players for the rest of their season. After picking up a large amount of North American talent, they looked overseas. Tsuna was on their radar and signed by May.

Tsuna joining the Vancouver Titans.

Whenever Tsuna played, he showed flashes of brilliance. However, it was clear with the implosion that Vancouver had before that this season wouldn’t end well. The team was brand new with some chemistry, but with no practice altogether. This led to their poor finish in that season, but the individual players proved their worth. Tsuna was one of those, and fans were wondering where he’d go after the Titans released him. It turns out that the Eternal saw what he did for them in contenders, and they wanted to give him another shot.

Paris finishing up

With this signing, it looks like the Eternal are done signing players. Their core of European players is apparent. As I mentioned before when they announced all six of their main roster players, the team looks good. The key to making this team work is communication and coaching. The players are all young, talented, or experienced in some way. Tsuna falls under all three needs for the Paris Eternal. Plus, adding a French player to your roster can’t hurt for a French team. From the players they already have at the DPS role, he helps fill the holes they had. But, just like with their core, it’ll be up to the team as a whole to work together and thrive.

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