Fray wins Smash Remix Singles at Frame Perfect Series 3: Online
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“Fray” won Smash Remix Singles at Frame Perfect Series 3: Online on November 6. Remix is a mod of Smash 64 that introduces characters and stages from later Smash games. This was the game’s first appearance in Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman’s online tournament series.

Fray kicked off the bracket with a pair of 2-0 wins over Sebastian “Seberster” S. and Brice “Dad” Howard. Then, he faced off against Jonathan “The Crimson Chin” Henson. Fray won that set 2-1, and advanced into winners side of top 8 as a result.

In the top 8, Fray had to overcome Smash 64’s Brody brothers. Not only did he succeed in doing so, but he defeated them commandingly. Fray earned 3-0 victories against both Jason “Darkhorse” Brody and Josh Brody, and thus advanced into Grand Finals.

Fray’s final opponent of the Frame Perfect Series 3: Online Smash Remix bracket was Jaime “JaimeHR” Hernández Rodríguez. Though JaimeHR beat him 3-1 in the first set, Fray retaliated with a 3-0 victory of his own to win the tournament. Notably, their final set showed off Wario and Dark Samus, two of the special Remix characters.

Other results from Frame Perfect Series 3: Online Smash Remix

JaimeHR had a difficult road to 2nd place in Smash Remix at Frame Perfect Series 3: Online. In fact, he was DQed from the winners bracket, forcing him to make a deep losers run. JaimeHR got into top 8 by eliminating the likes of Alejandro “Lex” Cardiel Narvaez and Scotty “Qapples” Armand.

From there, JaimeHR beat Dillon “CTG” Grandy 3-0, Darkhorse 3-0, “supa” 3-1, and Josh Brody 3-0. Finally, he took a set from Fray before dropping the second set of Grand Finals, marking his only loss of the tournament.

Preston Kwan has had solid offline performances previously, like his 9th place finish at The Big House 9 last year. However, he somewhat underperformed at the Frame Perfect Series 3: Online Smash Remix tournament. Preston placed 17th, losing to Edward “Sir Eddie” Cai and CTG.

Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.