Four star and zero star units now possible on Teamfight Tactics PBE
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The PBE continues to roll out item changes for Teamfight Tactics. This time around, both Guardian Angel and Cursed Blade are getting buffed. With these changes, your units can now become four star beasts. On the other hand, they could turn into one star punching bags. So, how do you get four star units? The answer is the new and improved Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel and four star units

The new Guardian Angel still revives units with 500 health, but it now also increases their star level by one. This works on any unit, so your champion will always revive one star level higher. The level cap has been raised to Level 4, which you can only get with the new Guardian Angel.

teamfight tactics introduces four star and zero star units item changes guardian angel cursed blade how to get tft
Guardian Angel’s new tooltip on PBE.

Becoming a four star unit carries all the benefits of upgrading units as well. Upon revival, while you may only have 500 health, your maximum health doubles. Because we still don’t have a more in-depth stats screen for units in Teamfight Tactics, we don’t specifically know how greatly other base stats are changed when upgraded to four stars.

Stacking Guardian Angel seems to have a different effect, though. Discussion on Reddit shows that the Guardian Angel gives the typical buff upon first revival. When the second Guardian Angel is activated, it appears that the unit does not gain an additional level when revived. However, it does revive with full health, rather than the expected 500. Because these changes are new to the PBE, time will tell whether Guardian Angel stacking will provide the same bonuses.

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Cursed Blade and zero star units

The new Cursed Blade has been buffed in two ways. First, the Cursed Blade has a chance to shrink enemies for the rest of the round and can stack on the same unit. This means that with enough lucky hits, a three star unit can be reduced to a one star unit. But it doesn’t stop there, because units can now be reduced to zero stars.

teamfight tactics introduces four star and zero star units item changes guardian angel cursed blade how to get tft tooltip
Cursed Blade’s new tooltip on PBE.

Zero star units have decreased base stats, which are largely unknown. What is visible, however, is that zero star units have half of their maximum health pool compared to one star units.

These are welcomed changes to two of the item combinations rarely seen in Teamfight Tactics. While they definitely could work in any composition, the Recurve Bow still seems to reign supreme. With these changes, however, players have more options in itemization.

Guardian Angel on a hyper carry, for example, could result in a menace of a four star Vayne. The Guardian Angel change could also prove viable on a champion like Viegar, who could, hypothetically, delete any champion with his ultimate if he managed to survive at four stars.

On hit, champions would benefit from Cursed Blade changes as well. Elise’s spiderlings or Volibear’s ultimate might make Cursed Blade a solid purchase in certain compositions.

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