Fortnite's Worldwide Creative Director hacked on Twitter
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Given all the anticipation for the next update coming to Fortnite, it’s no surprise that many people follow Donald Mustard’s Twitter. He happens to be Fortnite‘s Worldwide Creative Director, after all. Well, some hackers apparently decided to take advantage of that.

Earlier today, hackers appear to have taken over Mustard’s account and began tweeting out some odd messages. The group, apparently going by the name of ‘Chuckling Squad,’ asked followers to not only re-tweet some of their messages, but they also mentioned Ninja, The Fortnite Guy, and FaZe Jarvis, who recently received a permanent ban from Fortnite.

(C) Fortnite Insider

How hackers managed to get in is unknown right now, but fortunately, Mustard has since regained control of it. He made sure to thank Twitter for their help in getting back in.

Mustard has long been known for changing the bio description on his Twitter before a new storyline drops. I imagine a lot of eager players were excited to see the change, only to learn it was a giant joke.

Tweeting out false info

The hackers did more than post random messages about various Fortnite players. They also tweeted out false information such as how Winter Royale Duos would be making its return to the game. The hacked account’s messages managed to even gain the attention of Geoff Keighley, creator of The Game Awards.

(C) Fortnite Insider

We don’t know much about this hacker group, but they obviously wanted to have fun at Mustard’s expense. It’s interesting that they mentioned Faze Jarvis, though, as the Fortnite content creator recently received a lifetime ban for his use of an aimbot. Chuckling Squad may have wanted to make a personal statement on the issue by using Donald Mustard’s account.

Whatever the case, Mustard clearly needs to update his security preferences on Twitter. As for the rest of us? The main take away is to always wait for official news to drop on Fortnite‘s own social media channels. Unless they get hacked too.