Fortnitemares returns in Fortnite Season 8 with new updates each day
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The Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event returns to Fortnite during Chapter 2, Season 8. There’s new updates dropping each day in October, bringing events, outfits and more. Here’s how to get involved and what events are on offer.

Fortnitemares outfits, skins, emotes

Firstly, like previous Fortnitemares events, there are Halloween-themed areas. You can expect the Battle Bus to be decked out, and there will be various jack-o-lanterns around the map. But, the thing players will probably be most excited about are the new outfits.

There will be different characters featured throughout the month, including the Universal Studios’ inspired Frankenstein Monster and The Mummy sets, available in the Item Shop during the event. Frankenstein’s Monster and Curdle Scream Leader are also available in the Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks each. Currently, there are also some Halloween-themed harvesting tools and skins available too.

If you are looking for nightmarish emotes, the update has you covered. Each emote is available for 500 V-Bucks, but they won’t last long as new Halloween-themed items will be available in the shop each day.

Special appearances by new Fortnitemares characters are also promised. New outfits are revealed via a card system which can be found on the Fortnite card page.

More spooky stuff

A short film, “Shortnightmares,” will arrive with Fortnite’s third Short Nite Film Festival. These are animated shorts that you can find in-game in the festival room.

Unlike previous seasons of Fortnitemares, The Cube will bring new twists and turns in Season 8. The Cubes are mobilizing, with new quests on the way. These quests and Halloween tricks will be released later in the month. A special limited time mode will also be returning and there will be plenty of eerie rewards for players to snap up. Keep an eye out for more information on these.

Finally, players have the chance to pick up the Dual Fiend Hunters in-game. This dual-welding item is already available on the map and is super useful at killing the Cube Monsters. The Hunters deal extra damage to monsters and have a faster fire rate than their crossbow predecessor.

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