Fortnite World Cup Week 8 is full of repeat qualifiers in EU region
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Every week the competition improves regardless of region. The best players and teams continue to prove their ability. Fortnite World Cup Week 8 displayed more of the same. The EU region saw familiar faces on the top of the leaderboards. The Solary duo of Huynh “Kinstaar” Duong Huynh and Corentin “Hunter” Tardif finally dethroned the E11 team. Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer and Thomas “Tschiiinken” Hörak held the top spot the previous two weeks of Duos qualifiers. In the third spot, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and Dmitri “Mitr0” Van de Vrie followed closely behind. These three teams are favorites heading into the World Cup Finals.

Tons of new faces qualify

Only three regions had qualifying spots this week. The regions were Europe (4), NA East (3), and NA West (1). A total of eight teams earned a spot in the $30 million event. The Ghost Gaming duo, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad and Sean “Sean” Close took, over the NA West region. The crowd favorite now heads to New York City at the end of July.

In the NA East region, two teams who came close to qualifying finally made it. Howard “Tetchra” Lebright and Jared “Eclipsae” Elwood finished atop the region. In Week 8 the duo put together an impressive performance with two wins and a total of 50 eliminations. Right behind them, Ronald “RoAtDW” Mei and Garvin “BlooTea” Chen finished in second. They join the rest of the teams qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Final.


Fortnite World Cup Week 8 qualifiers

Fortnite World Cup Week 8 standings

Here are the lists of the top 10 from each region. Players in bold have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals in New York City, and those listed with an asterisk are already confirmed. The number of teams that qualify varies by region. The Brazil, Oceania, and Asia regions did not have qualifying spots this week.

NA East

  1. Bolt Tetchra / Bolt Eclipsae
  2. RoAtDW / E11 BlooTea
  3. code ronaldo / XXiF
  4. NutΨ / Tuexy.
  5. chanse / Impact Smqcked
  6. Secret Fuzzy / Hogmanlolz
  7. TF Cole / Legedien
  8. FaZe Megga. / FaZe Dubs. *
  9. Hornet / tickrss
  10. Nittle GG / casquer

NA West

  1. Ghost Sean / Ghost Aydan
  2. jasperfn on yt / Balmes1x
  3. Liquid Cented / FLY Edgey
  4. WBG Ranger / SypherPK
  5. Arkhram1x / Bloom Falconer
  6. S2 little / S2 jay *
  7. KNG Leno / KNG Barl *
  8. KNG Tavern / KNG Vent
  9. sensei cortex / landen
  10. fahvs / goldenn


  1. Solary Hunter / Solary Kinstaar *
  2. E11 Tschiiinken / E11 Stompy *
  3. Secret_Mongraal / Atlantis Mitr0 *
  4. E11 itemm / Derox.
  5. Oslo. / Not BadSniper
  6. BTL 4zr / Noward.
  7. Eon RedRush / Eon znappy
  8. hREDS BELAEU / Kaxie
  9. M10 Harmii / M10 Pepper
  10. LeStream Skite / LeStream Vato


  1. Jynx . / shyshyshy .
  2. caryion / colt
  3. JAM zoreh / JAM Gheex
  4. twins iwnl / RNG_x2Jesse
  5. Code Volx / Code Parpy *
  6. Lapex . / fishboy alecc
  7. RNG mrfreshasian / Lachy
  8. Natanyo / Spraz YT
  9. jahlyn / Ceser
  10. BES Serpennt / BES Hype


  1. TOP_Puzz / TOP_Ming
  2. Meta Peterpan / Meta Spidermon
  3. Meta Hood.J / Meta HardCarry
  4. Liberta / Riddle Bob
  5. Ortensia Gepard / Riddle Lexqss
  6. TAKAMURAMM iwnl / CR.RizArt_o iwnl
  7. Riddle Fire / Riddle Maufin
  8. Weibo_ShenLan.CN / Weibo_Aduo.CN
  9. T1 Quickss / T1 Medusa iwnl
  10. Seal iwnl / ILL iwnl


  1. LOUD leleo / LOUD gordiNN
  3. CODE SINS-TOXIC / 9z Twayko
  4. 9z leonzhett / 9z Lagarto
  5. Clipnode / NothingNoname
  6. xownssj / kingssj
  7. DEEP Stellar / DEEP Berteyr
  8. 9z santidead / 9z zEkO
  9. Zugorow / Gabriel Taizun
  10. CryBABYskrrt / t0nycrf

Now, there are only two weeks remaining. Solo players have one more chance and Duos have one chance. The stress and excitement continue to build. The top teams and players qualified already, but a few spots remain. Stay tuned to find out which players earn a spot in the final weeks!

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