Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals: FaZe Cizzorz wins at his own game
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The first event of the Fortnite World Cup, the Creative Finals, took place on July 26. In order to compete, online trials tested players in various creative games. Those that stood out were picked by assorted Fortnite personalities called “Team Captains.” Some of the personalities included Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Lachlan “Lachlan” Power, and Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein. In total, 32 players competed with four players on each team including the team captain. The Creative Finals challenged the teams on three separate player-made maps. All three maps were played three times. Then the Creative Finals reintroduced each map with a modification for the final round. Ultimately, team Fish Fam, headlined by Jack “Cizzorz”, took home the grand prize. Zand clutched the last life on the final map to secure the win.

Sky Station Showdown

The first map of the Creative Finals was the Sky Station Showdown. The game mode focused on maintaining control of certain checkpoints. The area was slightly smaller than two tiles by two tiles. In order to earn points, a team must keep enemy players from entering the zone. The team must also stay within the zone. After the three matches, the team “Funky Fighters” won the challenge and earned themselves $100,000.

Junkyard Juke

This game mode played like “Prop Hunt.” The major difference came from a central guard post in the middle where defending teams had to prevent players from reaching. The players outside of the guard post were disguised as various Fortnite items. They needed to avoid the guards’ sight while making their way toward the middle of the map. The teams rotated from the guards to props each round. Team “Chicken Champions” snuck out a win for a total of $110,000 in winnings.

World Run

This Creative map played like the famous Death Run by Cizzorz. It included different jumps, runs, and technical abilities to navigate. Players avoided traps, used impulse grenades to jump, and moved precisely around obstacles. The time a team finished and the number of coins collected determined which team won. Unsurprisingly, the team with the creator of the Death Run, “Fish Fam,” won this challenge and their share of prize money.

Golden Games

This mode took the three previous modes and introduced or removed a certain variable. For example, players respawned in the World Run mode at the last checkpoint. In the Golden Games, players received only one life to complete the challenge.

Team Fish Fam and FaZe Cizzorz win the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals

The Creative Finals came down to the very last moment. Zand, a player on Fish Fam, remained the only player alive on the revamped World Run. He needed one more coin to beat the other teams. After a long pause, Zand nailed the jump and collected the coin. Then the celebration began! Cizzorz, Suezhoo, and HiImTylerH surrounded him with excitement as they all just won $325,000 from Fortnite.

Afterward, Zand was a man of few words. His excitement shone from his smile, yet he could not express it in words. A moment he spent the last year preparing for came true.

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