Fortnite's Winter Royale will test new World Cup qualification system
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A new online tournament is coming to Fortnite with a big prize pool of $1 million. Winter Royale is the first official open esports tournaments that Epic Games will be supporting during its $100 million inaugural seasons. For those looking to compete, it begins this weekend, so get ready. The Winter Royale tournament will actually be testing Epic’s new online tournament platform. This system will be used to determine qualifiers for next year’s World Cup.

Epic began getting into high levels of esports competition with its Fortnite Fall and Summer Skirmish series. Those two specific series were centered around high-profile streamers. The Winter Royale, however, will be an experiment to see how things will work before the Fortnite World Cup. In the past we would see large teams and a variety of formats, but that all changes this time.

What’s different this time around

Winter Royale is a solo event and it’s every competitor for themselves instead of relying on a team. With the openness of this tournament, anyone can compete through Fortnite‘s online tournament platform. The first two regionals of the Winter Royale tournament are scheduled for the first two weeks of December. Usually, we would see the finals at live events but we have no word from Epic yet on when the finals of the Winter Royale will take place.

  • Winter Royale Qualifier (Open): 11/24/2018 – 11/25/2018

  • Europe Winter Royale Finals: 11/30/2018 – 12/1/2018

  • North America Winter Royale Finals: 12/11/2018 – 12/12/2018

In order to compete, you must reside in either Europe or North America. Epic Games did announce it has plans to roll this out to other countries in the future.

Epic clearly wants to up its esports game and also draw in more competitors. I like how they are opening this one up to everyone who wishes to compete and not just invitation only. Yes, we do enjoy watching the pros compete, but it’s also nice for those who are active Fortnite players to test their skills as well (and maybe earn a piece of that sweet prize pool). Let us know your thoughts on this and whether you plan to compete. Good luck to all those who do choose to participate.